Help new psu for i7 920@4.4ghz gtx 480 soc

hello some help needed please im a now looking for a new psu as my old antech truepower 1000w blew up when i recently perchased an asus rampage extream motherboard +i7 920 and managed to get it to 4.4ghz stable + a new gtx 480 soc at stock speed i was playing crysis 2 when suddenly every thing shut down and wouldnt restart this happened once before but it restarted

thanks mark
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  1. If you got money to spend then go for the Seasonic X 750 / Corsair AX 750.

    If you're little more budgeted than those super high quality ones then
    Corsair HX 750/ TXM 750 / TX V2 750
    XFX 750
    Antec TP 750 / HCG 750
    Seasonic M12D- SS-750
    Thermaltake Toughpower 750
  2. would a 750w be enough power i may want to overclock the 480 a little
  3. More than enough for a single 480 with insane oc. Now if you add a 2nd 480... it changes the story quite a bit. Not to mention, i'd be worried more about temps than enough power if you get one of those units.
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