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Why are the P4 so cheap?

I have recently noticed that the Pentium 4s are very cheap

my current system has a pentium 4 and the CPU is Very good for gaming and 3.2GHz!!

So why aree they so cheap as curreent day CPUs around 3.2GHz cost 100s of dollars

is it just because the P4s are old or do they have another FLAW that makes them so cheap?

Ive seen 3.2Ghz P4 for 8 dollars

2.8Ghz P4 2 OF THEM in a pack for 12 dollars

a computer for 85 dollars that has 2.8GHZ P4 and 2GB ram and no hard ddrive
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    I would guess because the Intel® Pentium® 4's are old, discontinued and that they don't match up well by the standards of performance today. The biggest reason is that there are lots of them out there. When supply is much greater then demand price will drop to the point where it reaches the balance between price and demand.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  2. I think intel enthusiast hit the nail on the head. It also seems that the CPUs far out live the mother boards, so as all of those 7 and 8 and 9 year old board die due to old age, or power surge, or capcitor leakage, the CPUs are put on auction sites. I have like 20-30 p4s that came from dead boards, and it is hard to find a new socket 478 board. Even the 775 boards are getting harder to find. On top of that new CPUs and bare bones kits are so cheap now adays the value is not there to rebuild an old p4. I personally have an old p4 as a medai pc and it works great. But when it dies im going to get a netop, rather than fix it.
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