GPU overheating (HELP PLZ)

60 to 70c idle.....

People at Geek Squad told me the computer had good case air flowing

they said my old 4890 was a faulty card...

that card reached over 100c and I couldnt use it

now my 5770, which i used for almost a year, longer than 4890 which 4 months

also has high idle and load temps

it started when i got the card but i didn't care

its still the same now

my house is cold, not warm

I dont see any problems..

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  1. just arrange a good cooler in your case and youre done,there is nothing you can do rather than this.
  2. How can I do that? I'm a noob at this lol.
  3. Did you overclock anything ?

    Geek squad = Best Buy = Best Buy Computer = BAD BAD BAD POWER SUPPLY.

    It might just get too much juice and its heating.
    What is the case you are using and the powersupply ?
  4. First off, the 4800 series runs notoriously hot. Second, what kind of air flow do you have by the video card?

    I got a Dell from Best Buy and the case had decent airflow, but the video card was 1" from the bottom of the case and was only a single slot videocard. All it did was circulate hot air. It ran 108c at load.
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