Asus M4a78 Plus want to upgrade video card gtx 590

I was wondering if my Asus M4a78 plus motherboard is compatible with the graphics card ge force gtx 590? Im new to upgrading stuff decided want to give it a try. I have the cooler masters 600w. Giving the research I did I think I need to upgrade my power supplies to 750w + any suggestions on which power supplies is good? The main concern about it is the motherboard. Do I need to upgrade my motherboard to get the full access ability of the gtx 590 video card?
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  1. Why would you want a 590? If you wait a bit you can get the 680 or the 7970 now which are cheaper and perform better in the 680's favor and about equal to the 7970 or a bit under.
  2. ok thanks. Do I need to upgrade the motherboard or it has nothing to do with it?
  3. Well your motherboard would be fine for holding the GPU. Problem is that it holds an AMD CPU which depending on the model might bottleneck the GPU you upgrade to. The PSU should be fine though wattage wise, not one of the PSU brands I would buy from though.
  4. Awesome thanks! What can I do to prevent it from bottleneck?
  5. Well what chip is it? If it is a phenom ll, you can overclock it a bit and be fine.
  6. amd phenom ii x3 720 processor 3cpu ~2.8 ghz. how do i overclock it? yea sorry im such a noob.
  7. Im currently using this for my cooling system. Do I still need to get the one you listed for upgrade? Also Is that the Best Processor - [...] 6819103935
    I can get for the Asus M4A78 Plus motherboard? Or If I upgrade higher it wouldn't noticed that big of a difference?
  8. Since you do already have an aftermarket CPU cooler you will be fine reusing that. Only thing you would have to buy to reuse it is thermal paste. It just helps the transfer of heat between the CPU and CPU cooler.

    The Phenom ll X4 980 was the fastest factory clocked CPU AMD made. So yes the best, for AMD and your current motherboard. I just want to warn you that if you do have a problem with the listed CPU after the first 30 days it doesn't have a warranty. But if you leave it at stock clock and voltages (don't overclock) it will be fine. That will allow you to run a better GPU with little to no bottleneck (most likely none) :).
  9. You may want to check this out. This test was performed with the second fastest single chip GPU on the market (fastest at the time). It has the Phenom ll X4 980 that you are looking at getting to shot its performance in comparison to other chips. Your current chip would most likely fall between the A4 and A8 FM1 socket CPU's. If you did want to overclock to get a bit more performance, you could easily get a stable overclock at 4.0GHz (higher if you wanted too) and the CPU wouldn't be worse off (life not decreased).,3120.html
  10. I just did a power supply calculator is at 577 watts when I added the gtx 680 vs my gtx260. The watts was just had a little increase like 30 something watts. Fill up as much as I know in there Well My power supply is at 600! Do I need to upgrade my PSU too? My god is one thing after the other lol. I owe you a dinner or something for answer all my questions thanks bro!
  11. Well when I did the calculator (that is the one I use too) I only had it at about 500W. Although I probably didn't add everything in because you know everything in your computer more than I would. But Was the 577W you got the recommended or the minimum? Because the calculator already adds in about a 50W buffer. If the recommended is 577W then you will be fine if the minimum is 577W you will want to upgrade the PSU. Also what model/brand is the PSU if it is a known bad brand you will have to upgrade it regardless. Lastly, I don't mind answering your questions, glad I could help.
  12. it was on the recommended. Most of the stuff I fill up seems correct just not sure what some of those options are. Such as the Physical Processing Unit. Also some fans I'm not sure what type are those. I just put 1x 120mm fan on there from the heatsink. Got the rams 2x ddr2. And forgot what my 2 hard drive rpm is at. The hardrive is wdc wd1001fals-00j7b1 ata device and wd7501aals-00j7b0 ata device. I tried to put the 2x hard drive device on the high rpm sata section now the recommended added up to 600w just at the borderline. Maybe I should just get a 750w PSU too just in case.
  13. You probably has regular SATA drives high rpm sata are velociraptors at 10000 RPM green sata is 5400 RPM.
    What is the PSU brand and model as I asked before if it is a good brand they can normally run 100+watts over rated, just to give you the peace of mind.

    I think is the cooler master 600w silent pro from either one of those. Have to go home and check to be sure. But yea is either one of those thats on that link. Is pretty good. My comp is not that loud from the fans that I used to have on my previous old comp. Trying to get things that are quiet too so it dont drive me crazy from the spinning noise.
  15. Right now the summary of the parts upgrade are:


    Currently installed: AMD Phenom ii x3 720 Processor 3cpu ~2.8 ghz

    Upgrade to: AMD Phenom ii x4 980 black edition deneb 3.7 ghz - $149.99

    Heat Sink

    Currently installed: Xigmatek Dark Knight SD 1283 Night Hawk Editon 120mm long life bearing CPU Cooler

    Upgrade to: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO RR - 212 E - 20 PK - R2 Continous Direct Conduct 120 mm sleeve cpu cooler - $ 34.99


    Currently installed: Cooler Master 600w Silent Pro

    Upgrade to: ?? or stay the same

    Graphic Card

    Currently Installed: GTX 260

    Upgrade to: GTX 680 - around $500 +

    Price roughly about: $680 +

    Also do I need to get the Arctic thermal paste to get those crap off my old processor and install those paste with the new one? or the paste that comes with the heat sink are just as good?
  16. You could stay the same on the CPU cooler that current one is fine.
    For the Graphics another to consider is the 7970 since you can actually buy it. The 680's are out of stock and supplies aren't coming around anytime soon (or at least it seems). Instead of buying a 680 that is about $150+ overpriced I would get this.
    It is still a great GPU.

    Now regarding the PSU you should upgrade it. The cooler master one's aren't very good quality sometimes a 600W will only supply 450W. Take a look at these they are all great.
    I would probably buy the OCZ because it is cheaper and fully modular. But the other two are also great.
  17. Should I get a higher watts power supply in case for future upgrades or thats not necessary? Also the pci-e slot i have is 2.0, those card are 3.0 will there be any conflict or the performance wont be as good with the 3.0 card in a 2.0 slot?
  18. Well the 7970 uses the most wattage of the new GPU. As the next ones come out they should get more and more efficient. Due to this as long as you motherboard only supports one GPU (as it does) you will be fine with any current or future GPU.

    Regarding PCI-E 3.0 or 2.0 there is no benefit of 3.0. No conflict either and performance will be the same.,3161-5.html
  19. Im pretty sure those 2 card can play anything that throws at you but which of the video card Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 vs. AMD Radeon HD 7970 will have an edge in terms of gaming or there wont be a difference? I dont mind waiting for the gtx 680 if that is better I'll just try to upgrade the other parts first.
  20. There will be a slight difference. If it was me I would just buy the 7970 and overclock it (if you use MSI afterburner you should be able to get it up to at least 1200 but probably into the 1300's). Even with the linked PSU they would still supply enough watts.,3161.html
  21. Awesome thanks for the help bro! Going to get the parts right now. Is there any program to check how good my processors or my video card? Just want to compare the difference after I'm done upgrading. Appreciate all the time you spend helping bud.
  22. If you download MSI afterburner (a nice program for overclocking) it comes with MSI Kombustor which has both GPU benchmarks (ratings) and stress tests to verify a solid overclock.
    different benchmarks
  23. Do I have to stop the test if it gets to certain temperature? What tempurature would be hazardous for the card. I just stopped when it got to 70c. Usually what temperature will the card usually starts to fry?
  24. Well for the GPU you can take it up to about 80-85 degrees Celsius. The limit of the 980 CPU is 63 degrees.
  25. Hi Andrew. Well last night I tried to take the parts out from my older computer to take a look all different things for education purpose before I upgrade the computer that we've been talking about. I seem to have no problem putting everything back with no problem except the heat sink. I was trying to screw it back on there like a noob. I went to read some forums they said there is a small frame to hold the screws in place. I just take the motherboard off just to put the heat sink back. Those nails are like springs, 4 piece of them. Is the cooler master heat sink similar to that set up?

    Also when everything is put back in place. The PC doesn't run. I tried to connect the power sw cord to one of those 2-pin from trial and error. It seems to start but is randomly. I saw the psu keep trying to power back for like 2 sec then it shuts off continously. The fans for 2 sec as well when it tries to start it up. After a few times it started up but is random. Sometimes it does sometimes it doesnt. The monitor doesnt show anything on the screen as well even when it somehow powered up sometimes randomly. Was just wondering what else I can check on to correct that problem?

    I should of check to see if the pc can power on before I take all the stuff out, now I don't know if that pc is been like this even before I took all the stuff out and put it back in place.
  26. Well you took the CPU cooler off which may be bad if you didn't clean it's base and the top of the CPU. Could make the CPU overheat, but I don't believe that is the main problem. I would check that you plugged in all power connectors. Check out this for a guide.
    Also make sure you did all of these steps when building it.

    I'm not 100% sure on what you are asking about the CPU cooler. But if you are talking about the retention bracket (piece of metal that goes behind motherboard for added support, otherwise the motherboard could be damaged from the cooler) that help support the added weight of the CPU cooler then yes both of them have it.
  27. I didnt replace any thermal paste or anything back when I took a look at the processor. When the computer started the heatsink fan seems to be working. Yea the bracket on the bottom to put the heatsink 4 spring screws at (or whatever those screw call). I had to unscrew the motherboard and screw the heatsink back in with the bracket that fell off. Was just wondering if that cooler master 212 heat sink has similar structure. Now that I know how it works it should be better next time around hopefully.

    I notice the sata cable was not plugged into the hard drive just now. Will that also prevent the pc from starting? I bring the pc to my work place to see what else I could of missed. I didnt test to see if it can run yet have to go home first.
  28. The missing hard drive could be it, but I would check all PSU connectors also. You will have to replace the thermal paste and I wouldn't run the PC for more than 5-10 minutes until that is done (don't want to destroy your old CPU before you can get a new one).

    Almost all of the aftermarket CPU coolers have that back support bracket so yes you will have to take the motherboard off every time you want to put it on and off. Although this should only be a few times ever. New cases have an opening behind the CPU socket so that you don't have to remove the motherboard. What case do you have? Did you try to take off both sides of the case (only some cases have that feature) for access behind the motherboard too although your case still may not have an opening behind the CPU. The cooler master is a better cooler but does have a similar back plate.

    If you still have the original boxes for the components and their accompanying instruction booklets I would follow those to the best of your ability. If you don't have them you should be able to print them out from the manufacturers website.
  29. Well the 4 year old computer that I had ,it have an old case so i dont think that one has that function that you've mention. But the ones that im planning to upgrade is about 2 years ago so Is still fairly new. The case Is cooler master cosmos. I tried to look it up in newegg it has the cosmos ii but is kind of similar looking but is silver metal color. Is a huge case. It might have that opening that you were talking about. But man after all these upgrade I'm consider just build a brand new one and just try to sell the one that I have right now after I upgrade it lol.
  30. If you were to build a top end gaming monster machine what parts would you get? Case and everything. I dont care about the price just take my money!!!
  31. I'll post the full build tomorrow (short on time sorry) but it would be based on the new Ivy Bridge CPU that come out in about a week and have a 7970 since the 680's aren't in stock anywhere, then overclock the hell out of it so it performs at 680 speed. Run a HAF X case (blue or red depending on color preference) then get a good CPU cooler, not liquid cooling though, not worth the hassle in my opinion. SeaSonic 860W psu platinum 80+ rated. Good ASUS motherboard to overclock the CPU and 16GB of 1866 speed ram.

    If you have a cosmos and like it I would keep that. Those cases are expensive ($250+) and give great sound deadening. I would also consider the HAF XM which comes out in 8 min :)
  32. Yea I love the cosmos 1000 case that I have. It has a lot of room. I think that's the best looking case I own so far. Might still have to buy a case tho if I decided to build a new computer. Too lazy to take all the stuff out.

    I'm also interested in buying an SSD Drive to upgrade:

    I heard is good to put games into the drive to load the game faster? Never had one before. It works like a hard drive but just load faster?
  33. It is way faster. Here is a relative article that is still up to date besides the prices which have dropped a bit more.,3139.html A SSD is less reliable than a regular HDD (some have firmware issues if you don't download the latest drivers, they are all fixed now you just have to make sure you do that).

    If it was my money I would want one of the fastest drives at a good price and these two drives are the fastest you can get (look on the SSD chart,3139-6.html ) for a good price.

    It mostly helps with load and save times, so windows starting up is less than half the time in most cases and games and other programs load much faster. If you are playing a game such as Fallout New Vegas (load times entering and exiting buildings get annoying) it helps.
  34. So lets say If I want to upgrade to Window 7 from vista will it caused a lot of problem? Since some of my stuff I download was required for the 64bit window vista version?

    If I get the Window 7 along with the SSD Drive that I'am going to install on there, Do I need to get rid of the Window Vista on the harddrive before I install it into the SSD Drive once I mounted that up? Or can I just install the window 7 into a a regular harddrive and itll load the window 7 from the SSD Drive regardless of where the Window was installed?
  35. When you build a new computer you have to completely wipe the old hard drive clean (every new component uses different drivers and the computer wouldn't run at all). If you want to keep the information you would have to transfer it to an external drive or leave the computer together and buy a windows easy transfer cable that will transfer your information from one computer to another (I went from 32 bit XP to 64 bit Windows 7 and most of the programs were compatible). Almost all Vista programs work on windows 7, there is a higher change of them working together since they are both 64 bit. When you install windows 7 just make sure you have it install on the SSD not the HDD. If you install Windows on the regular HDD there will be no benefit of the SSD.
  36. If I'm just to upgrade the computer instead of making a new one I still have to wipe everything from the hard drive?

    For instance the window vista, do I have to get rid of the window vista 1st from the hard drive that I have right now before I install window 7 into the new ssd drive? Or I can have both window on from different drive but which OS will run if I somehow have both OS at the same time?
  37. It would be easiest to wipe everything, the old drivers could cause issues. You can leave it how it is and just replace the GPU, CPU and PSU and it will work but you have to take all of the old GPU drivers off and if you miss some it could cause BSOD. If you do re install windows you format the drive in the set up process clearing everything that was on it. I have only installed my OS to the SSD with a fresh install so I honestly don't know if you can transfer all the files to the SSD, I believe you can but how difficult it would be is the question. You can have HDD patricians set up so that you can install two OS on one HDD or switch between drives and you chose which OS you want to load on start. I would just do a fresh install and have all of the old files backed up on an external HDD to save the headache.
  38. ok thanks bro. Just ordered thw window 7, the ssd muskin 240gb and the XFX Double D FX-797A-TDBC Radeon HD 7970 Black Edition 3GB 384-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card. Hopefully there's no installation problems when it arrives. Should be here by friday. The heatsink, processors, and the power supplies should be here by today. Ill try to get those setups first then work on the ssd, graphic card, and window 7 on fri. Going to back all the stuff up on the external drive while waiting. Thanks for all the insight bud u seem to know everything damn!
  39. That's good, the computer should be great. Good luck and have fun gaming.
  40. oh yea If I remove everything after I format the hard drive do I need to use the software cd for the motherboard, network card etc? I seems to lost all of the software. Or the WIndow 7 can detect the hardware and help me download them from their sites?
  41. And yea dang I just changed the power supply from 600w cooler master to 750w Corsair. I tried to power up but it only does like a spin on the fan then shut off. I just change all the cables from the old ones. from hd, video card, etc. The mother board have a green light on tho even though I cant power up when i plug in the power ac cord into the socket. What could it be?
  42. After you install windows 7 you then install the drivers from the CD's. After that you go and install a virus protection software, a free one will do fine,3045.html , then go online and check the manufacturers websites for even more recent updates such as AMD CCC . I would check over the previous forms I posted

    I wouldn't have changed any parts before you have them all but I know you are anxious to see how much better it is. You might go through all this again if you have to install the last parts on Friday, hopefully not. I believe it is a minor thing you overlooked (not having the HDD connected) I haven't had many problems but I made sure to carefully follow the instructions (at first and still to connect the front panel connectors). If you don't have the motherboard manual here it is, just put in your operating system and it will allow you to download a compatible one.
  43. Cool find out why i cant turn it on..I forgot to change one of the cable for the video card with the ones that came with my new power supplies. Just that one little thing prevented me from starting it up. Trying to get my processors and heat sink in there now..Hopefully I dont have to take the motherboard off to put that thing on.
  44. Did you switch cases or not? Glad you found the problem. Most of the time computers/parts work, relatively low failures on first start. That's why you first go and look for the little mistake you may have made.
  45. No I kept the same cosmos 1000 case. Finish install the psu, heatsink, and the processor. Felt good but too damn tired now. Next round is the video card and the ssd drive. At least got the hard part done from the heat sink. Have to take the whole motherboard out..pain in the ass. But gain a lot of knowledge from just messing around with everything. Ate a lot of dust cake too. Is shiny now! Can't wait to install the graphics card!

    Backing up all the stuff takes forever..
  46. Hi back again. Everything was fine then today I was watching a video then all of sudden the screen just turn off. It seems like for some reason the video card fan is not spinning anymore. I tried to put an old video card it spin but it still doesnt display any video. The power cables seems to be plugged on both end. What else am I missing? Could the Video pci-e slot be bad?
  47. What exactly happened? Was it a blue screen or did it just stop all of a sudden? Could it be possible that a power connector was knocked loose?
  48. Well somehow I got it back online again. I dont know how. NOt sure if the video card was overheat or what. Not sure last night if one of those cable got caught in the video card fan. The DVD writer cable got caught in there last night. But I was running it fine all day till now. After I somehow got it back it there was an error: [Problem] Chassis intruded, Fatal error...system halted!!! I turn it off trying to see whats going on on the back. Didnt do much, turned back on. It works fine all of sudden. Glad everything is ok for now.. Just hope I know what caused that to happen. The Video never shut down like this before Before the upgrade. So We'll see whats going to happen later.
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