New Nvidia Beta drivers out 267.24 and 267.26

Nvidia put out some new drivers. The 267.26 is for the 560 TI from what I understand and the 267.24 if for all others. I downloaded and installed them and am hoping this will fix the driver stopped responding problem that has plagued me ever since I got the 2X460's and followed me with the new 580. I hope I hope I hope......have done 2 fresh installs of Win 7 x64 and still had the problem....we will see :pt1cable: This driver crashing is getting old.....people all over the net screaming about it.....maybe Nvidia fixed it with these....doesn't say so in the update stuff....but I hope I hope I hope!!!!
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  1. Heh, thought I had this beat.........
    Well, I eventually did a OS re-install and put the new 267.24 drivers in with my GTX 580 and everything was great for about a week, then today just surfing the net I got a display recovery thing. So I went to Modern warfare to see if it would run (has been fine since the re-install) and started playing the game and artifacts galore....couldn't even play the game.....booted to safe mode and ran driversweeper rebooted and deleted the nvidia directory and re-installed the 267.24 driver with the custom tab and did NOT install the audio or the 3d drivers (read that on another forum)...we will see how this works now.. My config is in my sig under member config. should tell ya what you need to know about my system.

    If anyone knows what I can do to get rid of this problem once and for all....please let me know. I am about at the end of my rope. It's funny I can put my GTX 295 in and it NEVER happens....only with the 400 and 500 series of cards.....thats just nuts!!!!

    HELP!!!! Please lol
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