Odd connection issues

Hi, I'm new to tom's hardware, but I think this is about the right forum to post my problems in.

When attempting to run StarCraft II, I get a popup saying I need to download and install a patch, and when I click OK, I get the same popup. So, I can't connect to the update servers. I actually have a similar problem with the updater for Aion (NCSoft Launcher), which has been unable to update for quite some time, even though running the game works fine. I play Warcraft III online regularly, and haven't had any issues.

I've tried opening the updater's ports (1119-1120, 3724, 6112-6114) on my cable modem/router (Ubee U10C037 - wireless cable router), reinstalling StarCraft, Run as Administrator command, among other things. I have the game set as an Exception on Windows Firewall, and I've even tried running it with the firewall turned off. I'm in contact with Blizzard Support about it, but now I think it extends beyond the game updaters. I tried opening Internet Explorer to check Windows Update, but IE says I'm not connected to the internet. Firefox (which I use 99% of the time) works just fine. So if I had to guess, I'd say something is awry with my modem/router. I've tried using both wireless and wired connections, to no avail.

[This next part isn't a networking issue per-say, but I wanted to include it on the off chance it's related]
So, I tried running a System Restore to before I installed a bunch of Windows patches on Tuesday, but I got an error saying I have hard disk errors (or something to that effect), so I run a read-only chkdsk, and it does find an error or two before terminating the scan. So, I schedule a chkdsk for when my computer restarts, but when I restart, no scan happens.

It seems I've had multiple issues slowly compounding over time that are just coming to the surface, and I have no idea if they're related or not, or if I'm just being silly and missing something. Any help, diagnostic tools, etc would be greatly appreciated!

Laptop info as far as I know:
Laptop: Asus N80Vb
OS: Windows Vista 64-bit SP2
CPU: Intel Core2Duo T6400 2.00 GHz
Memory: 4 GB (unsure of brand)
HDD: 250 GB (unsure of brand)
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS
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  1. What AntiVirus Software are you using?

    Have you checked for maleware? I use Malewarebytes which you can download from www.download.com
  2. look out for femaleware too. but emerald is right, i would also go to internet explorer, tools>internet options> connections> lan settings. make sure there's nothing there about using a proxy to connect to the internet. if there is, you may have some malware issues.

    if you have a boot disk or the windows disk, try running the chkdsk /r from one of those.
  3. I use AVG 9 Free, but I disabled it for one of my attempts to run the game. I ran a Selective Startup, disabling the Startup Items to do so.

    I ran the malware scan, and it did find a few infected files. I also checked the proxy settings on IE, and that solved that issue, so thank you.

    I don't have a boot disk, since my laptop came loaded with a recovery partition. Is there a way I can make a boot disk or run the chkdsk another way?
  4. check your inbox.
  5. Got the chkdsk to run, and everything works like a charm after the bad sectors were fixed. Thanks a lot for the help!
  6. anytime, glad we could help!
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