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Hi guys, i recently bought a new rig, and it works fine.........i have just a question to ask you: during a stress test with prime95 my Intel Core i7 2600k (at default stock) cooled with a Noctua NH-D14, the max temperature it reaches is 53°C..................is this high for a NH-D14?

Post Scriptum: in the case i overclock, what temperature will i reach?
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  1. I have 1055t and max for me is 33C
  2. 53 C is just fine, if you overclock you'll be fine if you keep it in the 60s C.
  3. ok thanks for the replies!
  4. That seems a hair high, but since the temp probes aren't always the most accurate you are probably fine.
  5. majorgibly said:
    I have 1055t and max for me is 33C

    That is a totally different cpu so there isn't a comparson. Damage will start around the high 90s and start to throttle at 90. You are fine now and you would be good to overclock in the future.
  6. Not to mention the 1055T's temp sensors read about 10C low.
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