Maximum lenght of dvi (hdmi) cable for computer?

i want to leave computer in the room "over the corner" to quiet it down some more. its like 4m far from the monitor, but it needs aprox 8m of cable to connect it. ive read that it could be a problem for such lenght of dvi cable (even if i find cable - 10m are in production) because graphics card is usually not producing enough signal strength. my questions:

- do you have some experience with similar solution? is it working? what do you suggest?
- is it better to have 1x 10m cable, or 2 connected together (5m+3m) as its shorter but it has interconnection
- and what about using hmdi cable (and then conversion to dvi)? has the hdmi more signal strenght?

+ what about usb cable and sufficient signal strength for that lenght?
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  1. Maximum DVI spec for signal distance is 5m. You can use a powered DVI signal booster to extend this. Here's more info:

    HDMI on the other hand does not seem to have a distance indicated in the specification. Category 1 HDMI cables seem to have the same 5m limitation as DVI due to materials used. Category 2 HDMI cables will carry longer distances:

    A link to a certified category 2 HDMI cable:
  2. yes, i know about 5m official limit. but many users use more than this. and again, they produce and sale 10m cables without any warning. so i wanted to hear something from users.
    but hdmi to dvi cable seems the best solution. now. just wondering - is signal from one graphics card really stronger viac hdmi than via dvi output??
  3. I would have to say the ability of the HDMI cable to carry the signal the distance (not necessarily the signal itself) has everything to do with it. There's less degradation over a given distance for the category 2 cable. This would be a category 2 HDMI cable as described above. On the other hand, I have 10m cat 1 HDMI cables carrying signals for me no problem.

    What I do know is I haven't come across any specification for a cat 2 (or something similar) DVI cable.

    The DVI to HDMI connector with a cat 2 HDMI cable between the TV and the PC would be a good strategy if you only have a DVI port off the graphics card.
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