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How much of a difference between cooler?

So I have an intel celeron 3.0ghz with a Zalman CPU Fan CNPS7500. My comp idles at 50C and I was thinking about getting the Zalman CNPS9900A or NT. Would it make a significant difference if I switch?
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    The Zalman CNPS9900A is, in my opinion a much better cooling solution and it looks cool to. Then again it's pricey and there are better coolers for that price point or cheaper. The Coolermaster Hyper 21+ is just as good if not better and half the price. Newegg has the Zalman for $68.23 that's including shipping. The Corsair H60 at Newegg is 69.88 free shipping. Seems like a no brainer to me, but everyone has his own preference. The Noctua is one of the Alpha coolers (best on the market) but it's big it's ugly and unless your doing some serious OCing you gotta ask yourself do you really need it? Did I mention it was ugly. Cooler Master Hyper 212+ = 29.49 can't beat that.
  2. I would reccomend going with the Hyper 212+.The Hyper 212+ is much better than your current cooler and performs in the same area as the CNPS9900A,as tinmann said.Although the main difference between them is that the Hyper 212+ can mount 2 120mm fans which can move a lot more air as well as the Direct contact.

    They raised the price of the Hyper 212+ not to long ago and they just dropped it again.It was $50 and now it's $30 with Free Shipping.

    Cooler Master Hyper 212+ $30 + Free Shipping

    For $30 you really can't beat the performance of the 212+
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  4. Thanks for replying to my question.

    I'll be going with the cool master.
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