Idling at 42C Intel i5 2500k

I have recently upgraded my PC today, and I'm getting 42C during idle. (Haven't tested for full load) Is this normal? I'm running an intel Stock cooler with these specs

Intel i5 2500k
4GB (2x 2gb) Ripjaws RAM
XFX ATI Radeon 5670 Graphics Card
Asus P8Z68 Motherboard
500w Cooler Master Extreme PSU


I've read somewhere that it takes a few days, or a week or two for the "Thermal paste"in the CPU and the motherboard to settle. I'm getting 30C on the motherboard idling.

I also have a Raidmax Skyline Case.
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  1. try use benchmark cinebench 11.5 your CPu ran at 100% and GPU %

    open hwmonitor -minimise-open Cinebench - ran bencmark - finish -maximize hw monitor --- you wil see max temp CPU
  2. i5-2500k w/ Arctic Freezer 13 (92mm fan)

    Gives me idle ~30 and under load ~ 65

    Your temps do seem a little high @ 40 degrees idle.

    What CPU cooler are you using?
    Is the CPU overclocked?
  3. are you using the thermal paste that came with the cooler? You could try cleaning it off and adding some decent AS5. Test your temps at load using Prime 95.
  4. Do not ran at prime95 for default , it's dangerous since you had cooler master Psu, crap ! I think this program just test stabillity, for better ran benchmark your system
  5. how is it dangerous, P95 runs the cpu at 100% load regardless, im sure the psu aint gonna go bang when he stresses the cpu. coolermasters may not be the best but by hell they are not the worse.
  6. The gripe i believe with CoolerMaster PSU's isn't that they blow up under stress, just that they dont deliver the power they say they do.

    You shouldn't have any issues running Prime.
  7. Im considering on upgrading the heat sink, then the power supply, a get a new video card. Ill run P95 after work and display the results.
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