Crazy Memtest86 results?

So I'm having issues w/ games crashing even after replacing GPU and PSU. Long story. So I figured it's time to test RAM which has passed a few passes of memtest in the past - lolz i know

So i decided to run it overnight. Then I woke up 10 hours later! I took a pill :)

When i looked at the screen it was covered in random text and spinning | symbols. As if it ran out of screen room. I hit ESC and it just rebooted and started over. How do i see if there were errors? I made it through 2 passes before I went to sleep.

Thanks - btw i have Kingston Hyperx 8gb (2X4gb kit)
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  1. ok i reran it in boot - I hit (c) for config and went into error results mode and it seemed to freeze up constantly looping showing over 30000 errors on 5th pass - not sure what this means. are these the results from last night's run?
  2. Sounds like you might have a bad memory module. The exact errors aren't that important. An electrical engineer could use them to identify the bad chip on the module, but for system builders and users, it's not important.

    You can try rerunning memtest with just 1 stick installed at a time. I suspect 1 will generate loads of errors, and 1 will be just fine. You could use that one good stick until you get your RAM replaced.

    As for replacing the RAM I suggest just calling/emailing Kingston and setting up a cross ship RMA. This will get the new RAM to you faster, and leave your system semi-running while you're waiting.
    Replace both modules, not just the 1 bad stick. (they will automatically send you a new kit, I'm just advising to use both new modules, not mix).
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