Usb mouse not working

O/s is windows ME Mouse is Logitech optical corded usb mouse (just basic)

Mouse freezes after 2 seconds max.
Unplug and plug in again, same thing
Reboot same thing happens

Been into control panel/mouse and that tells me that the mouse is installed but has a problem.
It doesn't tell me what the problem is.

I think the mouse is ok because it has worked and the optical eye lights up.

The mouse is on a different computer to this one.

Any solutions please
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  1. try use this mouse adapter :
  2. Or uninstall the mouse completely from control panel, restart, plug in again and wait for new install.

    I hate those adapters... :D
  3. Thanks for the replies

    I have solved the problem

    Went out and bought a new mouse, now works fine
    Problem was a faulty mouse all along.
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