[Home Build] PC Issues. Can't seem to locate the problem.

New User Here.

I've read through a couple of the troubleshooting threads on the site thus far and can't seem to find the exact answer I'm looking for. If anyone cares to help out it would be greatly appreciated.

The Current Build for the PC is:

Antec 900 Mid Tower.
XFX 680i Motherboard.
Intel Q6600 Quad Core.
4GB Corsair DDR2.
Thermaltake 1000w PSU.
WD 1 Terabyte Caviar Green HardDrive.
Nvidia 8800 GT x2 running SLi.
Samsung 23' PX2370 Monitor.

The first time the issue arose was when I was playing NBA 2k11. It froze with multiple colors and made a few buzzing noises. Tried rebooting the system, restarted another game and did the same freezing and noise combination. Rebooted again and the system froze in the boot screen with a multi-colored checkboard effect but didn't cover the entire screen. I've since Replaced the Ram, CPU, and Video Cards and still have the same problem. I've even performed a fresh install on the HD and had the issue back within just a few hours.

I'm attaching two photos just as some examples. If anyone can help I would very much appreciate it.
Thanks in advance,

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  1. First and foremost update your graphics card's drivers to the latest version.

    If this doesn't work try and connect just one graphics card and see if you get the same issue. Then try connecting the other card, again by itself.

    It's entirely possible that one or both of your graphics cards are faulty. Alternatively the PSU is having issues.
  2. Artifacts problems are merely associated on videocard. It's either overheating or your videocard is starting to fail. But PSU can also be an issue here.
  3. Agreed, most likely one or both of your GPU's overheating or a faulty power supply. If possible, try running with different PSU or with one video card at a time to try and isolate problem.
  4. I've got the latest driver info on both cards, versions as of 4.18 via nvidia.com , I have since put both cards alternating to test and both display the same results in about the same about of time during boot process or about 5-7 minutes on desktop.

    How likely would it be to have two back to back bad GPU's?
    Should a Power Supply swap be next.
    Mind you the computer was built 3 years ago.
  5. I'd try and rule out the OS next. You don't need to go to the extent of reinstalling windows for this though.

    Make a Ubuntu Live CD and boot into it - be sure not to choose the option to install Ubuntu, we just want to boot into a live OS environment to see if the same visual corruptions occur.

    Have you installed any new software recently or changed hardware at all?

    As for the probability of two GPUs failing at the same time? Well if they are from the same manufacturer's batch it's quite possible they'd fail at the same time.

    Don't suppose you have another system you can put one of the cards into to see if the issue occurs?
  6. I could try throwing the cards into another unit to see if it will install and go from there. ill post the results later.
  7. yeah the cards didn't freeze on the other system, so im guessing the only option left would be the PSU.
  8. Not quite. You haven't ruled out it being something about the OS. I'd give what I said about using a Ubuntu live disc a shot before moving on to the PSU.
  9. okay so i pulled the CPU today and noticed a very small amount of Thermal paste on the CPU and Heat Sink...picked up some compound and laid a new layer. Booted up just fine and continued to run about 20 minutes uninterrupted. I decided to benchmark it and ran the passmark CPU tests first and it crashed completely within 3 minutes of the test, screen goes black and then blue, saying it's shutdown due to stability, i believe....
    So im beginning to think it may be CPU related. Any ideas from here?

  10. You're not reducing the problem to a specific component.

    I'd strongly suggest that you investigate your PSU next given you've shown it's a system stability issue with this CPU test. In the system that you tested your graphics cards in can you borrow the PSU?

    If you can connect up that PSU, see if you get the same rendering issues and re-run the CPU benchmark.
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