Trouble with a Sapphire 6870.

Motherboard - 880gmh-le-usb3
Ram cards - xms3, 1600
Graphics card - sapphire 6870 [overclocked :915, never exceeds 45 degrees]
Power supply: gigabyte 550W superb [actually 450watt with a peak of 550w]
Hdd's: 7200:360G, 7200 200G [360g used for games and windows, 200g music, movies etc.]
Resolution solution: 1650 x 1080, HDMI, 60Hz
Games ive tested: cod4, rainbow six Vegas 2, crysis 1, crysis warhead, dead space plus a heap of older less graphic demanding games.

Hello there, Ive been using this site for quite some time and thank you, everyone that has helped me out in the past you've got me out of some sticky issues.

I have built a system [^ Up above ^]
I am running 64 bit, win7, Dx11, Catalyst 11.4.

My problem is that games run like crap!
I can get 330+ fps at times in cod4!!! I understand that to run 120fps you need a monitor that supports 120Hz.
So i download a program that allows me to fix the fps at 60fps [directx3d overrider] It helps in certain games.
But something is still not right.. For example cod4 runs like a champ with vsync not enabled put i get huge visual tearing because i believe that my monitor cannot support that many fps at 60hz. Then i will lock the computer at 60fps to suit 60Hz and then when i turn my mouse from left to right i get latency between my hand and the screen so i take off the i candy graphic processing settings: depth of field, shadows, specular map. IT RUNS PERFECT, but what the *** i say! it doesn't feel like the lag i used to get. its only laggy when i move mouse.

So... if i enable 60Hz lock its smooth but i get lag between my hand to screen with eye candy enabled...
... if i do not its horrible visual tearing around corners when i shoot.

The sapphire 6870 feels laggy from your hand to your screen. i would like to know, if anyone else owns one of these and is having the same problem. Am i asking too much from this card? or is it broken or something like that?

If you can help me it would be greatly appreciated! thank you in advance.
Please dont be afraid to post anything, . I am so frustrated with this computer at the monent ill take all the help i can get
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  2. vsync with direct3d overider requires a lot of vram. when you have settings on max and those enabled 1GB must not be enough for your graphic card to process and thus a lower frame rate/stuttering when moving. Try just vsync and see if you still get tearing.
  3. I'm surprised your system even plays games without a cpu....

    Who told you that you can only get 60fps with a 60hz montior and to get 120fps you need a 120hz monitor??


    You can get 200fps on a 60hz monitor.
  4. Lol @ the CPU joke, but why don't you just run it with Vsync on?
  5. I've had a problem similar to this with my ATI 5770. Just wondering have you played with alot of settings in Catalyst? If so try setting everything to "let the program decide" (or the option along those lines) I had HORRIBLE Fps lag spikes with Vsync enabled and bad tearing without it enabled i couldnt figure out. I ended up setting all the CCC options to let the program decide, and leading vsync off, now i have NO fps issues or tearing.

    I hope this will help
  6. LOL @ myself... Cpu - Phenom 955BE 3.5Ghz
    When i play games with Vsync i get some sort of lag when i run and shoot and things like that.

    Disabling Vsync lag goes away and fps hit 350 never anything under 110 fps... I am not grasping the concept of the lag yet.
  7. geekapproved said:
    I'm surprised your system even plays games without a cpu....

    Who told you that you can only get 60fps with a 60hz montior and to get 120fps you need a 120hz monitor??


    You can get 200fps on a 60hz monitor.

    You can ..... and you cant .
    A 60 Hz screen redraws the image 60 times a second . Thats it .

    If FRAPS is say 70 FPS thats how many times the gfx card is redrawing and NOT how many times its being redrawn by the screen . The maximum you will SEE is 60 fps
    Lots of older games limited themselves to 60 Hz/ 60 fps to stop monitor damage . Most drivers have a Vsync setting to limit fps , but its seldom necessary because monitors are better than they were .

    The program the OP downloaded does nothing the driver couldnt have done in the first place .
    Id say uninstall it as the starting point to fixing the problem

    and then try using a DVI cable instead of the hdmi
  8. Amd655: this is cod4 iam talking about hiting 350fps.
    6870 clocked to 950Mhz
    955 clocked to 4.Ghz stock cooler
    ccc settings: 8xaa edge detect. 24 samples, super sample aa. 16 x A filter
    cod settings: max, vsync off.
  9. I have overclocked my cpu to 4ghz its still on its stock cooler it runs at max 55-60 Degress, I used my motherboards BIOS settings to overclock.
    Iam still running my computer on a Dx11, catalyst version 11.4. and iam not telling poo poo's.
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