Where can I find dell motherboard model name ?

my computer won't turn on, so I have to do some research on internet but I stuck with the model name so I couldn't find nowhere on the motherboard, where should I have look ?

I find only Dell Rev A00
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  1. What is the complete dell model number of the system? The MB name and details can usually be found that way.
  2. I don't know, my computer won't turn on so I can't check it or maybe it's any other way how can I find out ?
  3. EDIT: RETRACTED. I didnt read the part about it not turning on until after. haha.
  4. It should say what model of DELL it is on the outside of the case. Model #, product # (p/n) is the best way to look it up. Sometimes has a sticker with all that information on it like serial #, etc.
  5. i find serial no: FRHMH1J that's it
  6. and express service code: 34313923783 is that make sense ?
  7. the motherboard model is 0D7772 now is complicated to find manual on google
  8. Try this.


    Set up an account. Then add serial "FRHMH1J" - I'm sure it would have a list of replacement parts and possibly manuals.
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