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Can anyone recommend a mid-ATX or full tower like the Thermal-take Level 10 GT? I'm looking for a case that differs from a standard (boring) rectangle. I use the Level 10 GT as an example because it stands out from the typical tower you'd find from HP, Acer, etc.

I'm not looking for unique so much as a case which is aesthetically set apart from store-bought machines, and the run-of-the-mill boring gaming rig.

I'm moving my current OC i7, Radeon HD 5770 build into it. Budget is about 250CAD
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  1. Well, Antec has their Skeleton design if you want to go an exotic route. They also have their Lanboy's if you like the color-light effect.

    There's a few companies that do wood veneer, but that might be outside your budget.
  2. How about building your own case? Buy a cheap steel case, something like the Cooler Master Elite series cases, and start welding/cutting/modding your way to happiness. It's much more satisfying than a bought case and it will certainly be unique. Elite 370 seems a great choice, it's cheap enough to cut up and has enough additional fan spots for you to make it larger/smaller and still maintain decent ventilation.
  3. I was never one for over the top, and the Thermaltake is a gigantic expensive piece of junk. A nice refined case like the 650/700/800D from Corsair or something with a bit of a twist like the Silverstone FT02 are elegant and very nice case solutions.
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