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I am looking to build a new system, mainly for multi tasking and some gaming.

I have looked into this hardware:

Can you see any compatibility issues with the hardware listed?

Also, could you make any recommendations to improve this list and/or make it a little cheaper.

Thanks for the help in advance.
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  1. The motherboard will come with SATA connectors, they may even be right angle ones I'm not sure what ASUS are shipping these days.

    Additionally the case should come with all the screws you need for your build.

    I can't figure out where you are buying these parts from - I don't recognise the basket. The best way to make your build cheaper is just by trying to do a similar, if not exact, build on another website. I use these sites in order of preference:

  2. Thanks for your pointers.

    The image above is Ebuyer. You have the option to save your shopping basket as a quote and that is how it outputs.

    I will definitely check out those other sites, thanks!
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