Display driver disappears after restart

As i describe in the headline my display driver "disappears" everytime i restart the computer.The driver is working without a problem until i restart my computer. I am sure that i downloaded the correct driver version because i tried searching and downloading automatically from Nvidia's website. I tried running video card stability test to see whether there is a problem there and the stability test run for an hour without a problem. Nvidia control panel shows that the driver is present but when i let the nvidia's search in their website it says that i don't have it. My fps in games drop from 40-50 to 5-10 after reboot.

I tried it with different versions of drivers(263.09 263.35 266.58) but i still get the same error. I even tried reinstalling the OS completely but i still have that problem. I desperately need any kind of help.Thanks in advance.

System specs:
Windows 7/64bit OS
ASUS Sabretooth x58 motherboard
Intel i7 950 CPU
Corsair Vengeance 3x2 1600Mhz RAM
Thermaltake Thoughpower 850Watt PSU
Samsung 1TB HD103SJ HDD
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  1. Try putting in a friends/other graphics card known to work fine in your system and try it then. This should serve to isolate if it is JUST your card acting up, in which case it is eligible for RMA, if not it could be a wider problem in your system.
  2. Thx for the reply.

    Since my old GPU died and most of my friends use notebooks it will be hard to find a GPU but nonetheless i will try to find one and try it.
  3. hey, I have an asus engtx 550 ti and have the exact same problem as you and have done the same things. So I was just wondering if you ever found a solution?
  4. well a couple of months later when i was reinstalling my operating system, I installed dirvers one by one(CPU, GPU etc. and i changed the bios with the newest version too) and there wasn't a problem until i installed Smart Doctor software from Asus that came with the GPU. So, i contacted with Asus and they said there is no such clash with that software and if you are sure then return the card for RMA(they might have the worse tech support in the market). I couldn't return my card back than, since i needed my computer badly and problems got worse after its first year, such as the heat of the card increases to ~80C on idle out of nowhere and then the computer crashes(not frequent though, i get this problem once in week or smt.)

    Unfortunately this is all i got as a solution. Contact me if you want to know anyting else.
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