Good Replacement Card?

I am thinking of upgrading my video card. Currently I have a Geforce 7900 GTX 512 MB PCIe.

What would be a good replacement for this, for someone on a budget. I really don't want to spend more than $100 if I can help it.
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  1. what is the rest of your spec and what resolution you're playing at? easier to recommend if we know that :)
  2. Intel E7200 LGA 775 CPU
    GA-P35-DS3L rev 2.0 motherboard
    4gb of 800 mhz Adata gaming series ram running at 5-5-5-12 timings
    EVGA 7900 GTX video card
    CoolerMaster Real Power Pro 750W power supply

    As for what resolution, I am unsure at the moment but typically will play at a medium setting. Otherwise things just get too small for me to see. Right now my resolution is at 1440x900 on a HP w19B monitor, but thats just a desktop setting.
  3. for such resolution this will do: HD5750, GTS450, HD5770. 5770 is the fastest among the three. or you can wait a bit until GTX550 comes out and judge what is best to you then
  4. Interesting how people only recommend ati cards and one crappy nvidia card -_-

    GTX 460 will blow it out of the water without costing to much but easily bottlenecked.
  5. Honestly, probably any crappy nvidia card will be light years ahead of the one I have. That said, I haven't bought a ATI card yet, but I have friends and family that have had a few. From those, every single one has had a problem, be it hardware or software. I always end up swapping in my old nvidia to solve the problems lol.

    Thanks for the suggestions. I've spent too much cash lately so I will probably hold off a little while until I get something.
  6. Sorry to bump an older thread but I have another question.

    I am looking to maybe pickup today a GTS450 nvidia card. Specifically this one here:

    My question is it says a 400W power supply is needed and I have a 750W. But it also says that it needs 22A on the 12V rail, and according to the specs of my supply as taken from newegg I only have 19A on the 12v rail.

    Should I be concerned about this? Neweeg says my supply is SLI certified, whatever that means, and 3 amps isn't that big of a difference. I also probably wont be running dual monitors or using the max settings, I only play Warhammer Online and Rift at the moment.

    Any help is appreciated, I plan on going to the store soon today to get this, if I get a favorable response for it. I noticed most of the cards I looked at don't specify how many amps on the rail, so its kinda got my confused right now.
  7. I guess I should add that I am usure of whether the mulitple 12v rails are cumalative current-wise or seperate?

    From the video card pictures it appears that there is a harness with a small square 4 pin connector that connects to the card that goes down to 2 standard size 4 pin connector.

    Would it be correct that if I plug in 2 "seperate" standard connectors to the harness and then the 4 pin square to the vid card that I would be using 2 rails with a combined 38A of power?

    Also, if I used the 4 pin square out of my supply to connect direct to the card bypassing the harness would I only be using 1 rail at only 19A?
  8. I would get a new PSU. I recall Cooler Master NOT being one of the best PSU brands. Try for a *single rail* Corsair, Seasonic, or a proven brand like those. I got a Corsair 600W PSU for my 450 GTS. 48a on the 12V rail. I think I could even go SLI on this.

    Unless you want to try and balance out power usage between rails as recomended (I do not know how to do that, exactly), I feel this would be the way to go.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, buying a new psu is out of the budget. I just happened to stumble on a decent deal for the vid card....about $100 after rebate. Interested in hearing thoughts of others as if I can get anway with this, even for a short while I think its good.

    I could always buy a psu later on. I am just worried that 1. I will blow up my psu immediately, creating more problems, or 2. because of the psu, my performance will suffer making the purchase of the vid card useless as I end up going back to the old 7900 card or having to turn the graphics on the new one way way down.

    Anyone else have thoughts on this?
  10. Well in case anyone is interested. I put the gts450 fpb in today. With my old card, playing rift at the lowest possible quality setting (low quality renderer), I was getting about 60 fps. Setting the game to the highest setting of "ultra" got me down to 1 fps.

    With the new card, I can run it at "ultra" and grab 40 fps. I had no crashes or lag and it ran smooth. I also used the pci-e connecter, i was calling it a 4 pin but its actually from this experience I am thinking the rails are cumalative, and that the pci-e utilizes this cumalative rail. If it doesn't I either got lucky or I'm playing with fire...literally, but so far I am happy!
  11. I'm sorry. Lately I have learned more of PSUs and GPU requirements. I need to correct myself here.

    Your power supply is plenty strong for that card. I think the 22A wanted by that card includes current estimated for the CPU and other components along with the GPU. The GPU itself, according to my math, will not be pulling near that much current, and should have plenty of power as it should be on it's own rail. If you wanted to get another 450 and go SLI that power supply should definitely handle it.

    You can run that card with no worries.
  12. you probably have 19A on one 12V rail and more or less same on another making it ~38A, this is enough for running high-end GPUs, while 450 is mid-range. RiFT is really GPU sensitive and if you run it fine with 450 then you won't have any problems in the future with your PSU
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