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Hi All

While playing Ghost recon my screen froze and green stripes appeared on my screen now when i turn the computer on my monitor say its receiving no signal ive check all the connections and clean the dust out but still nothing do i need a new graphics card it an old computer

ASUS A8N-SLI PCI-Express Mainboard - ATX
AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core 4200+ with HT Tech.
1024MB DDR400 Memory - PC3200 (2x512)
2x 256MB nVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT - Dual DVI,HDTV & TV-Out + DVI - PCI-Express
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  1. You have either a video card problem or a power supply problem. Try removing one of your video cards (the secondary one) and see if your system will boot.
  2. tried that still no signal sounds like its starting up just no signal
  3. Do you have access to another power supply that you could swap in for troubleshooting? Also, have you tried the video cards in another PC to see if they work elsewhere?
  4. what do you mean by another power supply ? and have no other pc to try swapping
  5. If you power supply can't provide adequate power to the video cards, it will cause the problem you are having. Heat, dust, time wear down power supplies and they fail.

    Do you know what make and model of power supply (box inside your computer with all of the power cables coming out of it)? There should be a label on the side of it with this info.
  6. its a HEC-550td-pte
  7. If you pulled one card try swapping with the other so you get to use both cards alone and in both different slots.... upper and lower. even god's power supplies go bad.... you could try running 1 card and swapping around the power connectors. something may have gone bad in the PS.
  8. PaulR58 said:
    its a HEC-550td-pte

    Not to add insult to injury, but this is likely your problem. That is a sub-standard PSU and I would replace with a better/stronger PSU, especially since you are running 2 GPUs in SLI.

    What is your budget and where do you prefer to purchase computer parts from? If not in the US, let us know where you are.
  9. just tried all that and sill nothing
  10. im in the uk what kind of PS would you recomend
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