How many errors can you get with memtest86+?

So I'm freaking out with so many Memory test errors...
it's only 85% done and it's up to 857,856 errors with Memtest86+ v4.20 on one of my two 4GB stick
I've already contacted the manufacturer and waiting for an answer.
Could it be the settings I am running under?
I've modified some BIOS settings but they are back to their defaults i think.
Here are the Specs.

G.Skill Sniper DDR3-1333MHz Pc3-10666 8GB(2x4GB)
Asus P8H61 M-LX Board (supports DDR3-1333 and LGA 1155)
Intel Core i7-2600k (I haven't been overclocking yet)
No Separate GPU, I'm using Intel's HD graphics 3000
Samsung 1TB HD103SU
Generic 450W micro power supply

This is my first build and it's been relatively stable with a few bsod's
and it's got this sensitivity to usb ports that use power... sometimes when i plug something in, it memory dumps in bsod.
Any advice is appreciated
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    Sounds like a standard case of bad RAM. You could try memtest with 1 stick at a time - I suspect 1 module will barf a bunch of errors, and one will work just fine. If you identify that one bad module, run with just the good module til your replacements arrive.
  2. OK. Do you know if intel graphics hd 3000 had any memory dump-related problems? I mean I'm fine with using what I have, I don't really play high-req games or anything.
  3. Intel HD 3000 uses system memory. It does not have dedicated memory.
    So memory errors will cause video errors.
  4. Oh, I see. Do you know anything about USB sensitivity thing? It's just sometimes, but when I plug in say, a USB hub it'll just shut off with bsod. I don't get how that's memory related..
  5. Btw, it's still going, over 1.5 million errors.. this is just one stick of 4gb
  6. (1) one Error is one too many errors. Once I see any errors there's no point in continuing, RAM should work at defaults and without errors.
  7. Could setting the parameters wrong in BIOS settings cause SOME errors though? I'm not saying that many errors but if there were just a couple of errors. Just curious.
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  9. 901lyc said:
    Could setting the parameters wrong in BIOS settings cause SOME errors though? I'm not saying that many errors but if there were just a couple of errors. Just curious.

    Again, by Default the RAM should work that is assuming you're using the correct DIMM slots.

    Sure if you put some oddball aka wrong values DRAM parameters then the RAM will produce tons of errors or simply not post.

    Try to Clear CMOS, unplug the PSU for 5 minutes, then follow the steps in this video ->
  10. appreciate it, i'll go try that.
  11. jaquith is right, if you're using default settings, BIOS settings shouldn't cause a problem - if you've been overclocking BIOS settings could then cause problems. Also, with RAM, one error is too many... should run flawlessly...

    If you have bad RAM, that can cause all kinds of odd errors. This is because items are loaded into RAM first. Therefore if bad RAM, those things can/will get corrupted in runtime. (USB drivers, GPU drivers, and more).
    You went to the heart of it and ran memtest (vs other troubelshooting steps). If memtest is producing errors like it is, then I suspect that's the root of it all.

    Again, as jaquith said, clear cmos just in case. But I would highly suspect that you've got a bad memory module. (again, you can test this by trying memtest with one installed - one will likely produce tons of errors, and one will pass without a single error.
  12. Right on the money... first one tested with a bunch of faulty bits while the other is testing pretty good so far!
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