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Upgrading Q6600 b/c can't overclock

Right now, I have been using my q6600 (factory clock and everything at 2.4 ghz) for approximately 4 years now on a quite limited Intel dq35jo motherboard, which, unfortunately, doesn't allow overclocking AT ALL due to its lack of an option to adjust cpu clock speeds, voltage, etc... on its bios. (definitely not willing to get a custom bios or something like that, given that its too risky). Thus, OCing is out of the question completely - at least with my dq35jo right now -and I'm not getting a new mobo that supports OCing and that has the same socket for this CPU just to OC it, as that would be a waste of money in my opinion. Therefore, I am forced to upgrade my CPU entirely, as most games I'm trying to play are performing well below the performance benchmarks I'm seeing for them (my q6600 is paired up with a Gigabyte 560ti Soc edition). For example, black ops plays at 25 - 40 fps w/ an average of 32 fps, compared to the 90 - 114 fps with a 560ti NOT OVERCLOCKED AT ALL WITH MORE THINGS TURNED ON SUCH AS AA (If you want a link, just ask for it for proof of this) paired up with an i7 or i5 processor. So here I have two options: a) get a q9650, not upgrading my motherboard
b) get a i7 processor (one of the 300 dollar ones) and upgrade my mobo to accommodate the new i7 or i5 processor, as the q series and i series have very different socket types. The latter is what I don't want to do - I want to save money and time and effort here. Therefore, I ask, will upgrading to the q9650 give me a significant increase in my fps and computer performance increase, such that it is akin or at least close to upgrading to a i5 or i7 processor with a new mobo? OR Would it be worth it to get the much more expensive option b?
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  1. i would say that any 775 processor would not be a 'significant' upgrade, perhaps 10%
  2. i'd run something like 3dmark to give you an idea as to whether the 560 is bottlenecked or whether you are reading the benchmarks wrong.
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    Any 775 processor would be a significant upgrade? Even a Pentium 4? LOL....and I would not consider 10% a significant upgrade.

    If your motherboard won't allow overclocking (which I find hard to believe, have you read manual?), then your best option is a new mobo/cpu/ram.
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