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On the audio bit, what is that thing on the bottom left? Other motherboards have a different coloured circle thing, what's this weird black thing? And is it better or worse?
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  1. it is a optical audio in port. it has the best connection possible compared to other ports. nearly all high end mobos have that port but the bestest mobos have the optical in and the 7.1 chanell audio
  2. This one is 7.1 channel. So, this is the best possible one then? And what can you actually plug into it?
  3. yes this is 7.1 channel but it doesnt have the white plug. the best possible has the optical in and the white plug whick in this case replaces the optical audio in. the optical plug can be used in home cinemas, playstation and many more...
  4. Its the Optical SPDIF Out Port.
    Its an audio transfer format interface. It transfers digital audio signals from one device to another without the need to first convert to an analog signal, which can degrade audio quality.

    You can connect a back panel S/PDIF bracket to the onboard header

    You can also connect the onboard header to an S/PDIF input header available on some graphics cards using an S/PDIF cable. This connection routes digital audio to the HDMI output of the graphics card.
  5. I already checked it out but you want information about it
  6. I already checked it out but you want information about it
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