New build, first timer, and having HDD recognition problem

I know, by reviewing some questions on this site, that this issue has arisen numerous times. But being a first time builder, even after reading tons of related posts, I am still at a loss. First time I've posted so bear with me. I am new to computer building and recently completed my first build, as follows:
Cooler Master 413 Elite case
ASUS P8H67-V mobo
Intel i5 2500 processor
Crucial M4 SSD 64 GB
Western Digital Caviar Blue WD5000AAKX 500GB 7200rpm 16MB cache SATA 6.0 3.5" hard drive
ASUS DRW-24B1ST DVD optical drive
Rosewill RCR-IC002 USB 2.0 card reader
Antec 650w ATX 12v V2.3
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Never building my own computer before, I had the shakes when I eventually hit the power button. But all was fine, except when I went to the ASUS EFI bios. Here lies the problem.

The Western Digital hard drive does not show up in the boot sequence. The Crucial SSD and the ASUS DVD drive are there. The card that right? Anyway, once I installed Win 7, neither did the WD HDD show up there, either. Why can't I find the WD hard drive? I want the Crucial SSD to boot first, since that is where Win 7 is installed, followed by the WD HDD or the ASUS DVD drive. But I can't locate the WD Drive. It does show up in the boot options in bios, but does not show on the bios home page and neither does Win 7 pick it up.

Simply stated, I can't find the WD HDD. What am I doing wrong or not doing? Any help would be immensely appreciated.

Excuse me if my question is somewhat befuddled. I am new to this and hope I am making myself clear.
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  1. I am just guessing that the SSD and DVD drive that you are seeing are on the initial BIOS screen on the bottom. The first place that I would look is in your SATA configuration (Advanced Tab- SATA Configuration) and look to see if the drive is registering there. All functioning SATA devices or Mobo RAID configurations should show up here. If it is showing up then it is probably just a matter of initializing the drive in Win 7 to be able to use it. You use the Disk Management snap-in to do this.
    If the disk isn’t showing up in the SATA devices you probably have a hardware problem (cable not seated properly, bad cable/drive, etc…)
    Hope that helps.
  2. When I go to the advanced tab in BIOS, yes the drive shows up as #2 in the boot menu. However, it does not show up on the home page of the EFI Bios. The drive does show up in Device Management in Win7 and it shows the drive as something from Microsoft dated 2006. However, Win will not let me access the drive to format it, etc. and it does not show up as a device. I downloaded and ran the WD dianostic tool and the result was "passed." So, I guess I at least know that the HDD is alive and well. I have no reason to doubt the cables...this is an entirely new build. But, I'm obviously still doing something wrong. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
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