Xfx ati 5770 gpu fan uncontrollable with asus m4a78lt-m

hi there ive build my system yesterday and having trouble with controling the gpu fan speed as it run too fast and too loud and cannot be controled by CCC, Msi afterburner or even the bios.

i installed the latest drivers for the gpu card, motherboard and so on but no results as the problem is still there, reseted my bios to default setting nothing sloved

my specs are
Amd athlon ii x4 645 3.10ghz
4gb ram kingston
asus m4a78lt-m
xfx ati 5770 1gb
500gb seagate hdd
2x dvd drive samsung
windows 7 home pre 64bit
galaxy iii gaming case with stock 450w psu

the grahpics card is powered by the 4pin molex to 6pin adaptor and inserted in the pci x16 slot.

is there i need to do something? please let me know
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  1. So what happens when you go into CCC, Graphics, ATI Overdrive, and enable manual fan control? Also, what are your temps and fan speed?
  2. Graphics card fan control should be handled completely by the graphics card. If there's no fan control you need to contact the card manufacturer.

    I know there is software that can bypass the hardware fan control, but you really want it to be left at the hardware level.

    So either your hardware on the graphics card is broken, or the Catalyst Control Center has enabled manual fan control and its set to 100%.
  3. i tried to control manually with ccc. it shows the temp of gpu card is 50'c and the nornal gpu fan speed is 15% still spining too fast and too loud. any other infomation needed let me know
  4. Your temp is OK, but there is something wrong here. My card cannot be heard over the case fans even at 40%. Sounds like your GPU fan may be defective.
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