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Hi all,

I received a new PC today and when I set it up, there appears to be problems with the graphics card - there's a series of horizontal lines on the screen. Photos probably explain it better:


The system is running 2x MSI GeForce GTX 560Ti Twin Frozr II in SLI

The second card seems to generate no output when monitors are plugged into either DVI port, however I assume that is standard for a SLI setup.

The computer also can't seem to recognise it has a 560ti installed at all - it was using a generic VGA adapter driver on first startup - just in case, I downloaded the latest software from NVIDIA, and they do not recognise the display being attached to an NVIDIA card.
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  1. i had the same kind of problem when my 8800gtx's solder cracked (DEAD). Do you have atrifacts before loading windows aswell as after?
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