Losing DVI input right after Win 7 welcome screen

Hi guys.

Just got my MSI GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozer II OC. Been doing OK. I have been experiencing issues with Win 7 stating the driver is not responding then recovering it. Happening in Rift and Bulletstorm and it actually happened in the Windows system evaluator thing too. In an attempt to fix this issue i updated the mobo bios. Immediately after when loading into win 7 it got to the welcome screen then lost the dvi input? I have rolled back the overclocking on the cpu, reformatted and reinstalled win 7. Still having the same issues. Happens with the dvi or the hdmi input. I have tried different drivers to no effect. Would a mobo BIOS update cause this? Is it an issue with the card or monitor?  Thanks for the help.

My setup AMD Phenom II X3 720 BE oc'd to 3.0ghz
GIgabyte 790XT-UP4P board
Corsair 750XT power supply
GSkill Ripjaw 8GB DDR3 1600
Msi GTX 560Ti Twin Frozr II OC
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  1. Do u overclock?
  2. My CPU is over clocked 200mhz and still on stock cooler and voltage. No over clocking the new gtx 560. I also updated bios and rolled back my CPU over clocking when the issue occurred.

    TL;DR - No over clocking.
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