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Hi. I have a corsair h50 cooler installed on my rig. Lately i've been having some random fps drops that i think are related to my cpu temperature. I use speedfan and it shows over 60c but keeps increasing until it affects gameplay. Fps go down to like 30 and after a minute or two goes back up to normal. My question is : can i make my h50 fan go faster to lower temps? They seem hi for this type of cooler. Thank you
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  1. What cpu are you using?
  2. you may want to take the fan off and check your radiator isnt clogged up with dust
  3. I'm using Phenom X6 1090t. I'll check the fan and post back.
  4. It's all clean. Also cleaned Radeon 6870 just in case. Is 44C on idle a good temp?
  5. What Mobo are you using?
    IS the CPU heatsink correctly mounted?
    IS the thermal paste correctly applied?

    Are you using any BIOS controlled software for you CPU Fan speed?
    If so where is the Pump lead plaugged into and where is the fan lead plugged into?
  6. also are you overclocking? if so how high and how much cpu voltage?
  7. Phenom is at stock speed. Heatsink and paste look ok. Not using any software to control the fan. Only thing i have found is Cool N Quiet on the BIOS.
  8. What computer case are you using? If you have a cheapy case with poor ventilation, that could easily by your issue.
  9. what speed is the h50 fan spinning at ?--i only need 800rpm on mine with an i7 920 at 4.2ghz--i believe the standard corsair one goes to about 1500rpm but i replaced mine with a quieter fan
  10. I'm using a Cooler Master case, took the side panel off to give it more breathing room and its at 1395rpm.
  11. I thought it could be a memory leak but I have 8gb and it uses only 4 while gaming Crysis 2. Fps drops are random and last like a min or 2
  12. its going pretty much flat out then--is the pump connector on a header that isnt contolled by the bios as its meant to be flat out all the time not slowed down by bios

    and are you pulling air in to the radiator from outside the case or pushing air from the case into the radiator
  13. Not really sure about the radiator. I think it's pulling from the outside. I'm really new at all this.
  14. thats the way corsair reccomend--though some people prefer to do it the opposite way or even put two fans on it in a push pull configuration

    but as i said earlier the pump connector needs to be non bios controlled--ie not being slowed down by the bios--dont know if you have any software to check that--my gigabyte easy tune shows mine constantly at 1400rpm
  15. Well i think mine is not BIOS controlled. Very limited options as to pump. I read that high 50s 60s is not bad temp for my cpu. What do you guys think? Thanks
  16. Personally, I don't think that is that bad of a temp... Do you have vertical syn on? If you do, it can cause dips in fps in high detailed areas.
  17. Yeah but i'm not talking dips its a full out drop from 60 to 20 and stays at 30 fps for minutes at a time. Kinda stomped here.
  18. I had similar problems there. I have found the "push pull" method is best.
    Hook your controls to molex connections for fans so they run full speed and check your temps then.
    You will notice an increase during gaming regardless. 34c at idle is normal for me. E8400 @ 3.0 ghz but I will see the increase of about 10-15 deg while under load.
    Also, which way do you have your airflow going over your radiator? Is it pullin into the case or venting out?
  19. Well right now I have 34c on idle and 50s on load. Haven't had the issue again. Maybe dust buildup? I dunno but thanks to everybody.
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