XPS 7100 video card upgrade(Processor bottleneck?)

I purchased a Dell XPS 7100 off of the outlet/refurb site. I've never been a pc gamer but I thought I'd upgrade the video card and give it a go. The fps I'm getting are much lower than I anticipated.

I purchased a Sapphire 6870 to upgrade the 5670 which came with the package. The PC has a 6 core-2.6Ghz 1035T, 16GB ram, and a 460W power supply. My fps with the 6870 are much lower than I've read on reviews and viewed on youtube. I'm playing Dirt 2 at 1920x1200 at max settings and pulling ~48 fps avg and ~ 29 fps min. Most benchmarks show ~ 60fps avg and ~ 50 fps min.

Is my processor the bottleneck?
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  1. Possibly. It's not a huge difference from benchmarks that can be made up from overclocking. Try and get that 1035T up to 3.0 and you should gain a few fps and up the 6870 core clock to gain a few more.
  2. Yes, the 1035T is holding you back. Seeing as it's a Dell, the BIOS is probably locked down so that you can't overclock?
  3. Right. There are no overclocking options on the dell mobo. This is a bummer. I may purchase a 1090T or just return the graphics card and buy an xbox 360. Thanks guys.
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