Need Help With A New GPU

Hello all, I'm new here and I'm not sure exactly where to put this thread, so forgive me if this is the wrong spot.

I'll be building a new rig for myself in the summer, but the family computer is having some issues.
So, I have an HP m9405f and it's having some problems. It is making some extremely loud noises; rattling, buzzing, clunking, LOUD humming, you name it. I popped the side panel off and the fan on the GPU seems to be starting and stopping all the time, making loud, unhealthy-sounding noises every time. My system specs are as follows:

GPU: GeForce 9500GS
RAM: 6Gb
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 @ ~2.33ghz
PSU: 350w (18A on the 12v rail)
HDD: 1TB drive

Is there any GPU that I could get that would be an upgrade from the 9500GS, even a bit of an upgrade, that I could run on a 350w PSU? I'd like to get something that could possibly give me a bit of a smoother framerate on Bad Company 2 (minimum detail) than the ~30fps with drops down to 15-20 that last for a good five-ten minutes. I can read on the label on the PSU: "The combime power on +12Va &+12Vb TOTAL 300W MAX."

I hope I've provided enough information, if there's anything else you need just ask.
Thank you!
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  1. Great so you only have 25A total with each rail being able to use 18 of them. Not great, but could be worse. Your best bet is a 5670 or if you have a low profile case a low profile 5570. A better GPU would be held back by your CPU in most cases anyway.
  2. Both the 5570 and 5670 have minimum power supply requirement of 400w, but you might be able to squek by. Here is a review showing the system using 268w at full load:

    That review also has performance tests so you can see what to expect from the card as long as it is not bottlenecked by other components, which as noted your CPU might do. For addtional info on understanding reviews, you might read:
  3. Yeah, your best bet is HD5670.
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