Nvidia 9300m and crysis 2

well i tried the crysis 2 demo with my laptop that has the Nvidia 9300m with 512 ram and it ran lol. It didnt run great but it ran. Is there any thing to do to get it to run smooth at 800 by 600 without having to get a new laptop? Specs 2.0 gigahertz core 2 duo 4gigs ram .
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  1. the very downside of using laptop is you're stuck with the hardware came with it except for HDD and RAM. the best you could do is turning down the ingame setting to make it run better. but in the crysis 2 demo they gave you only three option regarding graphic setting (which is disappointing to some and to me as well). if gamer setting still bog your performance then you'll have to deal with it.
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