Is my motherboard dead by bloated capacitor (with pictures)

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  1. Looks like some sort of adhesive to me rather than a blown capacitor
  2. That is glue to stop components vibrating and protect them from being broken off easily
    There is no problem there at all.
  3. Are you experiencing issues, hence the forum post?

    Or are you NOT experiencing anything?
  4. My old computer has a problem hence I am asking to resolve that.

    right if it's glue I don't know why my old computer just one day just stopped working, now I am trying figure out.
  5. Nope, the key signs is to check the top of the capacitor for swelling. there is no signs of it so that rules that out.

    It is glue.

    There are many layers to the PCB of a motherboard. if the board has failed there may be NO physical signs of it at all.
  6. Indeed, modern boards have up to 15 layers!

    old computer stopped booting = psu? any lights on the mobo?
  7. on the mobo light is working, also the 'turn on button' is flashing...
  8. Tried replacing/borrowing a mates PSU?
  9. Yes I did.
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