Where is LPT1 located on computer?


I am trying to find out if there is a way to read information from one computer onto another computer? My mom is trying to "network" the two computers and is having trouble. As I am not the "computer guru" she seems to think I am, I would like to try to help her with this.

Apparently, she has one computer that is about to die and has purchased another one. She wants to try to transfer the information from the "dying" computer to the new one. Are there ANY suggestions as to how this can happen?
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  1. you'd get more help if you posted this almost anywhere else in the forum.

    does the old computer have USB ports? what operating system is it running?

    lpt1 is the first or primary parallel port. if the old computer doesn't have USB you might have to take it to a shop if you're not prepared to buy an external drive enclosure or adapter and pull the hard drive out of the old one.
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