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Z68 Motherboard for low-end build

Hi all, thought i would post this here, as all i really need to clarify on is the Motherboard

Im helping my dad build a new PC for his work computer, we are opting for the i5 2500K processor, it will probably run at stock speeds, but if required up the speed a little in 6months - 11yr if required.

Since i dont think buying a seperate video card is required, Z68 seems like the best solution here, with ability to use the sandybridge gpu, and allowing overclocking.

Ideally i would like to spend as little as possible on the motherboard. requirements are as follows

RAID1 capabile - he runs 2x 1TB WD Black in raid1 for backup purposes
Two ram slots (will be using either 1x4gb, 1x 8gb, or 2x 4gb) there will not be a requirement to run 4 sticks at any point.

onboard sound - think this is pretty standard these days
onboard graphics - im assuming all z68 have onboard graphics, otherwise it would be the same as p67 ?

needs to have 3 SATA2 ports (for 2 hdd's and dvd-rw seems 4 is the minimum really anyway), USB3 is not critical but would be nice to have if the price is right

What options would people reccomend ?

Thanks !!
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    This is a very good board with quite a few features usually only found on higher end boards. It will allow for future overclocking.
  2. Thanks all anort3 and unclejehmimah, i will look into these more when i get home :-) I appreciate the help
  3. Make sure you get the 2X4GB memory kit so you can use Dual channel mode with the RAM.
  4. In my opininon: one of the best budget yet awesome and feature packed motherboards:

    ^It also has PCIE 3.0 support
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