PLEASE HELP! Turned on "Turbo" mode - now wont boot!!!

Hey everyone!

Just did my first full build on my own. The components are as follows:

- Asus P8Z68P-vPro Gen 3
- i7 2700
- 4Gx4|CORSAIR CMP16GX3M4X1600C7
- Corsair h80 liquid cpu cooler
- Cooler Master HAF 932 case
- Evga 580 GTX 3gig
- OCZ Vortex III 120gig SSD w/ Win 7 Pro 64bit

ok okok... Now that thats out of the way! I put it all together, all went well for the past 10 days or so! So i looked into "auto" overclocking via the UEFI Bios different modes. So i restarted and went into UEFI and clicked on "Turbo" mode and "save settings/reset".

When the computer attempted to reboot, it wouldnt!! (i.e. wouldnt even POST or get to Bios menu!). I kept seeing the mobo flash a red LED near the Ram... then it would reset.... then would boot PAST the ram, and then run.. BUT the "PCI Express" LED near the graphic card then would light up and i couldnt see anything on the screen!

It would keep doing this cycle over and over and never properly boot!

SOOOO... I waited 20 min or so... turned on and WALA! it turned on and said the Marvel screen came up saying "overclock failed" and allowed me to atleast get to bios. I did and reset to "normal" mode.

It is working now ('m using it to write this)...


My first impression was perhaps when it tried to overclock, maybe it reset timings on the ram or maybe the voltage on something and therefore wouldnt allow to POST due to an issue with something it (mobo/bios) auto set! What are your thoughts!? I really want to overclock this thing a little (4.3 or more... nothing CRAZY... just what seems stable andnot exteme with this CPU, mobo, and CPU cooler combo).


I HATE to go pay someone $100+ to re-put together the system i FEEL i properly put together in the first place! Problem is, i dont have the experience with COMPLETE builds to fully know if if its ME, a HARDWARE COMPONENT, or UEFI/BIOS issue. :o
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  1. To be blunt, don't be lazy, and manually overclock the old fashioned way.

    Slowly crank up the multiplier for your CPU.

    But hell man you have as stonking great CPU, you aren't going to honestly get much enhancement from any applications by overclocking at this stage, an i7 2700k is pretty much top of the line.

    What are you running that requires such high resources?
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