I am going to build a new gaming system as soon as the p67 boards are back based around the 2500k cpu. Currently I am running a GTX460 1GB on a system based on a 955BE and while not unhappy with the card I feel I could get better. I am considering either the GTX560 ti or the 6950 2GB (not intrested in 2 460s in sli). I have not owned an ATI/AMD card in years but have been through several Nvidia cards. I am considering using the 460 as a physx card so here are the real questions:

1) If I go with the 6950 can I even use the 460 for physx?

2)If I go with the GTX560 will a mobo that supports xfire and not sli work for using the 460 as a physx card.
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    1) The story here is that Nvidia drivers will not let you use Physx if a AMD card is detected. IIRC, there are a few software hacks available that may be able to allow Physx to run despite the presence of an AMD card.

    2) Running the GTX 560 Ti with a GTX 460 as a Physx card should work on a motherboard that doesn't support SLI, although to me I don't feel that Physx is really worth it.

    I know that you're not interested in SLI, but would strongly reconsider getting an SLI motherboard and then get another GTX 460 and put them in SLI. A GTX 560 Ti is too much of a parallel upgrade and using the spare GTX 460 just for Physx I feel leads to not getting your moneys worth out of the GTX 460
  2. P67 LGA 1155's are back:

    I don't have the experience to answer #1 or #2 with anything other than hearsay/speculation.

    #1-Yep, but it's overkill. You may as well ebay it.
    #2-I think so, but the GTX560's only like a 25% upgrade and the GTX 460 is still overkill for PhysX. You may as well ebay it and get a GTX 260. I'd still go with a Radeon card. I saw 5870's for $205 last week on Newegg. That $50 can go towards a new build down the line?

    But getting Sandy Bridge is probably best if you can afford it.
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