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Hey guys,

I'm going to build a gaming pc 1st week of May. I originally thought of getting this MSI z77a-g45 Mobo However, somebody told me to steer away from it because (1) to save money, and (2) I am not planning to SLI/Crossfire anyway.

Though I do not plan to, I would like to have the option if I do change my mind in the future. That being said, would either one of these other MoBo's give me that possibility?

1) Gigabyte Z77 - D3H:


2) Asrock z77 pro 3:

Thanks for the help. :D
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  1. Both of those boards support only Crossfire X, The Asrock z77 Pro 3 also support Quad-Crossfire X.

    None of the boards support SLI, so if you have intentions of using Crossfire X then I would personally go with the Gigabyte Z77, due to the amount of expandable and upgradable PCI/PCI E slots.
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