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So I'm looking for a new case for a computer I want to build, my preference is for one with a USB/eSata/etc panel on the upper side, preferably USB 3.0, not just 2.0, but I'll take what I can get. I just hate my current case which has the USB at the bottom, and facing downward. Ok if you put it on the desk or whatever, but I don't like that clutter, heck I'm annoyed at the USB hub I use for easy access. I suppose I could get a monitor with some USB ports, but I dunno about that.

I don't care about a side window, I'm not interested in colored lights on the fans, they aren't a reject option, but don't worry if it's not there. I would like filtered in-takes that are easily cleaned, but I can take it being annoying to access them.

Sub-100 USD price range will be preferred though.
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  1. Currently you won't find sub-100 USB 3.0 in a case
  2. Like I said, preferred, not absolute. I have found a few with front USB, but they've mostly been in the middle of the front panel, somewhat less desirable from my perspective.

    I did find that Rosewill has a few options though, if anybody has any experience with their build quality it'd be worth hearing.
  3. HAF 922, HAF 932, HAF 912, Antec 900 Two all those are upper USB 2.0 at or near the absolute top
  4. Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced has eSATA and two USB2 ports on the top/front panel. I believe the Rosewill Blackhawk has quite a close relationship to this particular case. Don't know if that speaks to the build quality.

    CM Storm Scout has 4x USB2 ports on the front/top as well as eSATA.
    CM Storm Enforcer has 2x USB2 and 2x USB3.

    Enermax Hoplite, 2x USB3 and eSATA.
    Enermax SpineRex 1x USB3, 3x USB2 and eSATA.

    NZXT H2 Classic 3x USB2, 1x USB3. Easily accessible dust filters.

    Xigmatek Utgard has 2x eSATA ports and 4x USB2.

    A few keyboards I've seen have had some extra USB ports on them, don't know if you want to explore that as a way to reduce clutter on your desk.
  5. Many cases are being revised for USB3.0, I know Cooler Master is.
    The Inwin Buc maybe.
    Lian Li has USB3 on some Lancool revised cases (with revised upward prices).
    Corsair Carbide 400?
    Zalman Possibly.
    Sentey cases around $100??
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