Will mini displayport to hdmi work with eyefinity. passive adapter


ok i have a xfx 6950 card and one asus 23" and 2 gateway 23" monitors. the two gateways are connected through dvi to just dvi. the asus monitor is hdmi from monitor to mini displayport on the card. it is a passive adapter since i read tons of different forum stating this will work on mnoitors with resolutions 1920x1200 and below. all 3 of my monitors are 1920x1080. i cant seem to get eyefinity to work. any help will be taken. thanks.
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  1. do i really need one of those darn active adapters? i see many people doing it with passive.
  2. any help?
  3. nolij said:
    any help?

    So I know this is now an old thread but I thought I would post an answer in case someone else is looking for an answer.

    If you are trying to use 3 or more monitors, you need ACTIVE adapters for minidp. you can use a normal minidp-dvi adapter only if you have 1 or 2 monitors. It is still the same problem that there was in the 5000-series, but this time you can get 4 monitors from one card, which wasnt possible with the 5000 unless you had one of the eyefinity 6 cards.
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