Temps not showing up for CPU..

I'm on a Gigabyte 880GM-USB3, with an AMD Phenom II x4 955 Black edition. Havent done any Overclocking, and i put in a new dvd drive that I bought today and all of a sudden, I'm playing Bad COmpany 2 and i realise Coretemp gadget says N/A for the temps...


I checked HW monitor, nothing. I see it in the BIOS... whats goin on here?

I'm on win7 64bit home premium.
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  1. try use Hwmonitor , maybe Coretemp gadget error
  2. I said in my post I used HW monitor and it still says 0.
  3. bios problem is with ACC or Core Unlocking features in the BIOS. If you disable/ auto those features, you will see your core temps again.
  4. What's ACC? And I have a black edition.. it comes unlocked already.

    but isnt it weird that it worked initially? I didn't touch anything, then i put in my new dvd drive and it stops.
  5. Advanced clock calibration , feature for unlock core, this feature in the bios. You must find it .. I know you have CPU BE , or unistall your software , and install again just suggest.
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    Also try update bios
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