Windows 7 windows Explorer.exe keeps restarting.

My windows explorer keeps restarting over and over I cant do anything I have a cd with malewarebytes on it but i cant put it on the computer because explorer keeps restarting what can i do by the way its widows 7 tryed it in safe mode same thing tryed sfcdidnt find nothing first time now it want do it did chkdsk went through that think that i need to do a malware scan but i have to get it on the computer first any ideas
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  1. i use other web browsers.or try to update windows explorer.
  2. hi, joshuakj it is my windows explorer not internet explorer i cant get to anything to update it it keeps restarting every thirty secounds or so ive tried to do system file check at safe mode with comand prompt and check disk i thought maybe it had a virus on it but their is nothing on the computer to check it with so i put malwarebytes on a cd and want to put it on that computer but the windows explorer keeps restarting so i cant load anything is there anyway to stall it in task manager long enough to get maleware on it
  3. Hi Joshua, I am having the problem with windows explorer not Internet explorer. When I load the computer up and it gets to the start page before you can do anything I get a message saying Windows explorer is not working then a message saying explorer is restarting it is a continuous loop. I have tryed it in safe mode and it does the same thing. I cant get to anything before I can open anything windows explorer gives me the same messages and restarts. I have tryed doing chkdsk in safe mode with command prompt and the first time it went through then i did chkdsk /f so it would do check disk when it started back up and put exit in at command prompt but it would never go off, so iturned it off manualy and went back to safe mode with command prompt and did sfc /scannow it went through and said nothing so ive tried to do both again since and cant get none of that stuff to work now either. Still now when i start normally i get the same messeges from windows explorer. So ive put malewarebyte antimalware on a disc so maybe i could get it on the computer but i dont know of anyway to do it in safemode with command prompt besides opening explorer.exe and that is where the problem is do you have any ideas. thank you Lee
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