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Palit or EVGA for GEforce gtx 560ti

Hey Folks,
I spent awhile on here getting some great advice on a build but I have a question about vid card I forgot to ask.
Which card is better:
Palit sonic powered GTX 560 TI OR EVGA superclocked GTX 560 TI

Thanks for any advice in advance.
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    I would go with EVGA myself. Palit is not up to the same quality level in my opinion. EVGA has an amazing warranty that covers overclocking/overvolting and even aftermarket cooling.
  2. the evga is a refrence model with a binned chip for higher performance, the good thing is the evga will blow its air out of the case. palit makes good cards but i've hear dhorror stories abotu thier rma process if it breaks, i can say evga is easy to rma through. basically for performance if you plan on overclockign over what they are already set to and your pc has good ventilation the palit might be worth looking into. if using stock clocks and your case doesn't have good airflow then just get tthe evga :D
  3. I wouldn't touch a Palit card if you gave it to me. They make functional cards with some nice third party twists on cooling etc but thats about it.
    EVGA are on a different planet as far as well just about everything really.

    EVGA any day for me.

    Mactronix :)
  4. Id wait for the sparkle x560 calibre.
  5. I'll always vote for EVGA over Palit and easily over Sparkle.
  6. why was aprkle even mentioned... don't buy sparkle... they don't honor thier rma's so your warrenty is useless and of builds i've put together when poeple order or want a sparkle to save money (against my advise) they are running about 5/8 dead on arrival fortunatly i always make peopel buy through newegg... but one person didn't buy through newegg and ... he had to deal with sparkle's rma process... they recieved his card and never emaile dhim back.. never sent him a new card even though he shipped it and they signed for it ... nobody ever treid ton contac thim and when he called they jsut said it was never recieved .... i wouldn't buy a sparkle... and you are probably up $#!t creek if you have to rma
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  8. EVGA it is apparently lol
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