First full build, possible memory problems

I just finished my first build from scratch and found there was no boot. After following the advice in the no boot sticky, I broke it down to where just the cpu and hsf were connected and I heard the single long beeps that I was looking for. I then installed one memory stick and heard a series of short beeps. I tried switching the two sticks around in every possible combination and have gotten silence every time since. I still receive the single long beeps on start up with no memory installed. My assumption at this point is that the memory is bad, so plan to buy new memory and test it out. I wanted to ask here to see if someone had any further advice before I did that.

Mobo - Asrock H61M-VS
CPU - Intel Core i3 2100
Memory - G.skill 2x2gb
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  1. I would say you are on the right track... I assume your G.SKILL memory is 1.5v. There are reports of 1.6v / 1.65v memory being a bit finicky with the SB motherboards, but others report no problems. If you have any outlets to borrow some DDR3 you can see if they allow you to boot before sending yours back...
  2. So I bought new DDR3 and the same thing is happening. I get the correct beeps with no memory installed, but only get silence when memory is put in, regardless of one stick or two.

    Any help/advice on other things I can try would be greatly appreciated as I'm kind of at a loss right now.
  3. If you've replaced with known good memory I'd start checking you've connected all the proper connections to the board (there is the extra 4 pin 12V connector a lot of people forget) and then make sure everything is seated properly. If you've confirmed that everything is there seated and such I'd maybe try swapping to a known good psu. I've seen it where people thought their board was bad and it was the psu flaking out. Lastly if none of those work I'd look at RMAing the board as if you've ruled out memory,all the connections and the psu itself there isn't much else save maybe a dead cpu but you're getting beeps so that would tell me the cpu is good on that front.
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