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Pc Shuts Down Immediately After Powering On

Hi my friends PC started acting strange from yesterday,

whenever he starts the PC all the fans work for about a second and then automatically turns off(lower than a second actually). No beeps. He didn't upgrade his Hardware

Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-EP45T-UD3R
CPU - Core 2 Quad Q9650
PSU - Cooler Master 460W RS-460-PCAR-A3
VGA - GTS 250 1GB

The only problem he had was that there was a sound from the CPU which he thought that the Thermal Paste has gone off or something.

What could be the problem ? Please help :(
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  1. Well when I had those symptoms it was a dead motherboard.

    Make sure you try resetting the CMOS on the mobo.

    Also, what kind of sound from the CPU? Like a buzzing? That's not abnormal. If the thermal paste was gone the only sound would be the fan trying harder (and failing) to cool the CPU, similar to if the heatsink just popped off.

    Obviously it's worthwhile to double check all connections and investigate if the CPU cooler is on right. Beyond that there's not a whole lot you can do without a second PC to swap parts around with. For example, it could be the PSU causing the issue.
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  3. Wolfram23 may have hit it at the end, PSU.

    That particular coolermaster unit has rails that shut down when 18 amps are pulled on them. Thats not very high. My gut tells me that the problem lies there. There are other psu issues which could also cause this.
  4. Yeah i also think that there might be a issue with the PSU
  5. its the crappy coolermaster psu.
  6. Is there are burn with pin cpu or pinhole socket ? Double check with remove cpu. Clean pin cpu use alcohol.

    Cooler master 460 is actually 430W and not bad for low end rig , safely for VGA OB. See review :
  7. He has a GTS 250. so if the PSU only gives 430W, its not enough. So it should be the PSU that causes the problem.
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    A friend of mine had that psu it worked for a month then died, sorry chanuka but that’s a P.O.S psu
    I would take it and get it tested normally your local computer shop will test it for you for a low fee.
    if nothing else getting the psu tested will eliminate it from the list of possibility’s
  9. chanuka said:
    He has a GTS 250. so if the PSU only gives 430W, its not enough. So it should be the PSU that causes the problem.

    it should at least start up, video cards use barely any power on boot up. it is a faulty psu, but not because of the video card.
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  11. Hey, I was the first one to definitively implicate the PSU. And I didn't even get a cookie. :(
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