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Hey everyone. First post so be gentle :)

Here's my specs.

Win 7 x64 pro
E7400 C2D
4gb DDR XMS corsair
I have a very simple two dimm Intel motherboard not sure model number at the moment.

My question is, what is the best place to start in the upgrade process? I use my computer mostly for Work (remote desktop, office, email) but also I play Battlefield Badcompany 2, World Of Warcraft, and Rift. I wouldn't mind better performance in my games :)

I was thinking of going with a new mobo/cpu/ram combo and getting one of the X6 Phenom Hex core CPU with 8gb DDR3


Getting a 6870

What would yield more performance for my shooters and mmos?
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  1. Trick question! Your mmos would benefit from a cpu upgrade or a good overclocking. 6 core processors aren't a great buy in terms of gaming. They are designed to handle many processes on all cores but gaming only uses 1-3 cores thus wasting half of your processing capability. If you wanted to go the cpu, mobo, ram route I'd go G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) and i3 2100 and P8H67 for a total of $280.

    Your shooters would benefit more from graphics (hence trick question!) a 6870 is a great card and a 450 is a pretty terrible card for gaming. Depending on your budget which from your post seemed to be spend either 200 on a new card or 350ish on a system. You could pick up Sapphire 5770 for $115 ($20MIR) ($5 shipping).

    Thus a total of $400 for system upgrade and graphics. $200 for 6870. $280 mobo/cpu/ram
  2. The 5770 isn't much better than his though.

    What's the resolution of your monitor? In a month or so AMD will release a new socket, I say hold until then, the prices should go down.
  3. s775 is dead. Your options for upgrade are pretty much nill unless you want to spend a few hundred on a Core 2 Quad, which would be a waste imo.

    Your best bet is to build a new computer based on s1155 or AM3+ which will be out next month.
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