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what is the difference between sata and sata-e1 in P5Q mobo
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  1. P45 chipset supports 6 SATA ports. The other two (E1 & E2) use an embedded Silicon Image controller to give 2 more SATA ports.
  2. what is this "embedded Silicon Image controller" you speak of? :o
  3. Basically the P45 chipset supports only 6 SATA devices, so your motherboard manufacturer wanted to give the users up to 8 which requires an additional SATA controller. These 2 ports will work just like any other but if your trying to use RAID to pair disks together, these will not be able to communicate with the main 6 unless you use windows or software to combine volumes
  4. Here you find how to use both orange and white ports as normal S-ATA-ports incl. hot plugging!
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