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Two rads, one case.

So, I've been contemplating building my own case for some time now completely from scratch, but as time grows short for me to work on this before I go back to school, I find myself looking for a premade case. My only requirements are puzzling me. I want the smallest case I can get, as I travel alot. Needs to have at a minimum 3 x 5.25 bays, support for an ATX motherboard and TWO dual 120mm radiators. I'd like to stay in the mid tower range, but that's looking more and more difficult.

I'm also up for cutting a hole in the case for the second radiator if it's not going to block anything. Any ideas? Most cases I find will support one dual 120 rad on top, with little room for a second. Please help : (

And thanks in advance!
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  1. the corsair 600t or 650d are mid tower cases with room for 2 radiator. However they have room for a 240 and 200, rather than 2 240s.
  2. Hey, thanks for the advice I've seen those cases before and really like them... And I would take that advice in a heartbeat... But I already have the two radiators. This is a system upgrade not an initial build. I'm hoping to have a great new case ready when I upgrade to Bulldozer! I'll keep looking, but it seems I may have to rig something up in order to take advantage of both.
  3. hmm, well I don't know of any cases that will allow you to internally mount 2 240 rads. You can get a bracket and mount one off the back of the case if you're desperate (which I assume is what you've already got).
  4. That has crossed my mind, but right now I'm running off of the one 240 radiator and a smaller 92 mm radiator. You can probably guess which one's getting the boot soon. I thought about building a small box to put my case on top of... And then have the two radiators facing out each side. But that would defeat the small case objective. : P Back to the drawing board.
  5. Hey those look great! Especially the In Win one. I had already seen the second Cooler Master case, but was weary of having the radiator on the primary access pannel. However, if I turned the radiator(s) sideways on the In Win case, I think I would get away with it. Do you have any experience mounting a radiator to the side pannel like this? And thanks for the help.
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    i mod stuff constently so i wouldnt have much of a prob with it.......

    but id sudjest goin with the coolermaster.......

    in that one you can get one in the top and one on the floor
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