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Hey everyone, brand new to the forums here, and just wanted to thank, first and foremost, all the contributors to this site, as it has already taught me so much.

So I need a new computer and I'm thinking about building one myself. It just seems to me that you can get more bang for your buck, and it seems also like an awesome learning experience. This would be my first build. The extent of experience I have with the inner workings of a computer really are limited to the replacement of a few drives. However after reading quite a bit and watching quite a bit of video, I'm fairly sure, after some head scratching moments, I'll be able to handle the build. However I'm having some trouble with the hardware selection. I can't seem to wrap my head around it quite yet as to what parts I should actually buy. I'm sure if I spent more time studying and lurking around these forums I could figure it out, but I'd really like to get these parts ordered as soon as I can, so that I can get to building, and than using my new machine as soon as possible. So I'm going to take the easy way out and see what you guys have up your sleeves as far as recommendations are concerned.

Approximate Purchase Date: this week or next week. It's not a major rush, but I have the money now and I suppose the sooner the better
Budget Range: I hope to not have to spend more than 1000, obviously the cheaper the better though, if I could pay $0.01, and get everything I need, I would happily accept.
System Usage from Most to Least Important: I just bought a new camcorder that records in 1080p/60p, and I would like to be able to upload the videos I take and edit them. I don't plan on making any major motion pictures any time soon, but it would be fun to be able to get an editing program and play around with it with my home videos. Neither my current 6 year old dell, nor my gateway laptop can handle these videos. They can't even play them back properly, so this is the main reason I'm buying a new computer. Aside from that, I just really use the computer for music, the internet, email, ms office, streaming Netflix from time to time and to store and edit photos. I do not game at all, though the option to dabble in some gaming would be nice to have if I decide to in the future. (though I doubt I will given the last game I played on a computer was either Counter Strike or Sims 2 like 10 years ago)
Parts Not Required: Monitor and speakers because I plan on using my television as the monitor.
Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg.com, but only because that's really the only site I've ordered from and that I'm familiar with.

Country of Origin: USA
Parts Preferences: none
Overclocking: Maybe. In the guide to choosing parts, it said I should be looking to overclock. However, being that I don't know how to do this yet, I'm not sure if I will be.
SLI or Crossfire: Only if recommended
Monitor Resolution: Sharp Aquos 32” HD TV
Additional Comments: I'm not sure because I'm not too knowledgable about this stuff yet, but keep in mind that I would like to use my TV as my monitor so I know things like a wireless keyboard and mouse would be nice, but if there are any additional items I should have that I don't know about, please feel free to suggest them. Also, if there's any way I can get a system that I could lay on its side as opposed to standing up, that would be useful as it would fit into my tv stand much better. However if that's not possible, I can figure something out.

Well that's that. I'm very anxious to hear any suggestions you guys might have. I really appreciate you taking the time out to read this and giving any recommendations you might have. Thank you.
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  1. So you don't have a favorite video editor you use?
  2. mosox said:
    So you don't have a favorite video editor you use?

    Nope not yet. I'm really new to the whole thing and was hoping to start editing videos once I get my new computer. I would like to be able to work with the 1080p/60p videos, which from what I've read so far is difficult to do and really requires certain computer specifications and certain programs. If doing some research and choosing the program I'd like to use first would be helpful to you guys in helping me choose the parts I need for my computer, please let me know and I would be more than happy to do so immediately.

    I was thinking about looking into Sony Vegas, Pinnacle, and Adobe Premier, but only because when I've briefly looked into it, these seemed to be highly regarded. I have a version of Power Director in my old computer which has been fun on my old lower quality videos but even though it's been incredibly easy to use, I don't feel that it has as advanced options as I'd like to dabble in. However these were just thoughts as I really don't know too much about them jsut yet.
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