Broken CPU, Motherboard or Memory?

Hi! So Pretty much, i built my gaming PC about 6 months ago! Recently i have been having several issues!

It started out as a NO BSOD "Kernel Power 41" Fault with random freezing and instant shutdowns (not using Windows 7 OS). Until recently! When the power button is pressed, the computer boots but shuts down BEFORE post! Obviously failing post! Then after a few seconds tries to boot again! this turns into a continous cycle!

i have ran memtest on the RAM at a friends and they are fine, GTX 460 is fine, HDD seems fine, PSU still to check, but should be fine!

I have also done a Bench Test on my system of just CPU and Motherbaord, ellimilating the Power Button too! AND it still happens!

However, i did reaseat the CPU and the next boot it did work!


I think its the Motherboard (as i am hoping its not the CPU) but i cannot return the board due to the shop shutting down! So ill have to fork out and buy a new one! HA! Dont know if this helps, but last boot, the BIOS had to reset, i.e resetting from Back up Bios (Dual bios by Gigabyte!). Never Overcloked CPU either!

Intel I7 920
Gigabyte X58-U3DR
Pariot 6gb DDR3 RAM
Nvidia GeForce GTX 460
Novatech Power Station 750w Modular PSU
Coolermaster Cosmos S case

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  1. PSU is most likely the culprit in cases like this. Swap in a known-good psu if you can . . . almost any size will work for testing purposes.
  2. Hi thanks for the reply! Yeah i was thinking that, but my only issue is i dont have a spare PSU with a 8 pin 12v line to Motherboard! :( Might ebay a new board/PSU :)
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