Pc resets during gaming??

Does anyone know why my pc resets during certain games, ive tried prime95 on my cpu and iv also ran afterburner kombuster on my graphics card and they seem fine, no problems with overheating, this leaves me thinking possibly that its my psu.

this is my specs:
asus p8p67 pro mobo
intel core i7 2600k 3.4ghz
corsair 8gb ddr3
ATI radeon hd5850

The PSU is a thermaltake toughpower 750w, any help or advice would me much appreciated
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  1. If Prime95 and Kombuster run fine then it is probably not the PSU cos it would fail there as well. Both push their respective components to the limit, which most games would not do.
    More likely that the games themselves are causing the resetting in some way.
  2. thanx for the reply, tho how do u think the games would be causing the problem?
  3. No exact idea, but maybe a graphics driver problem or something else which the system doesn't like.
    By reset, do you mean the computer just restarts while running a game?
    How long did you leave Prime95 running?
  4. Didnt leave prime95 running that tbh, im running kombustor as we speak and so far the gpu temp is hovering around 59/60c after 15mins, sometimes im lucky if i get that long out of the games, incidentally the two games its happened with is witcher 2 and shogun 2, its frying my brain!!

    How long do you think i should run prime for?
  5. Also do you know much about voltage readings? Whilst kombustor is running my voltage readings are as folows:-

    Vcore 1.208v
    +12v 12.096
    +5v 5.080v
    +3.3v 3.334

    Are these normally or is it something that needs addressed?

    Thanks again
  6. And sorry, yes the computer just restarts during the games.....
  7. You should run Prime95 for at least an hour (2 hours if possible) when you first build your computer or after overclocking so try something around that.

    Those voltages are all normal. The Vcore shouldn't go above 1.35v and the others should stay around what the name says.

    Is it only happening with those two games?
    I don't know anything about either so I can't really help there.

    EDIT: Whoops, I thought you were talking about the CPU voltage when you said vcore, I missed the kombuster part. The CPU Vcore shouldn't go above 1.35v.
    I don't know much about the vcore of your GPU but that seems like a normal voltage.
    You haven't overclocked anything right?
  8. Im not versed in overclocking so I dont tinker with it, thats the only 2 games its happened on since i built it, tho yesterday i bought a new 23" monitor as previously i had been playing on my 50" plasma tv, shogun ran fine hooked to the new monitor but thats not conclusive im going to try witcher 2 later today cos it seemed to b the bigger culprit. As far as prime goes, i ran it for over 4hrs yest with no problems at all.

    In your opinion could the larger tv have played its part??
  9. I believe it is a software related problem rather than hardware but yes, your TV could have played a part.

    Maybe the video card drivers and those two particular games combined caused this problem while using the TV.

    Make sure to have the latest version of AMD Catalyst and have both of these games updated/patched to their latest version (if such things exist for them, I don't know anything about either game).

    And of course, if both games work fine on the new monitor, all is good =)
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